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SARAN EPHESIAN (Soranus Ephesius, apprx. 98 — 138) — the Ancient Greek doctor, the representative of the so-called methodical school founded by Asklepiad.

Studied in Alexandria. The most part of life worked in Rome; the hl was engaged. obr. gynecologic diseases, obstetrics, and also diseases of early children's age. Soran Efessky described version on a leg at cross situation, bandaging of an umbilical cord, receptions of the prevention of a rupture of a crotch at childbirth, an embryotomy, offered washing of eyes of the newborn, the rule of the first feeding and care of the newborn. It in details developed a symptomatology and various methods of a medical research — palpation, listening of an abdominal cavity, a research of pulse, urine, a phlegm are described. Soran Efessky's compositions had a wide spread occurance both in Western, and in the Eastern Roman Empire, and also beyond its limits. They were considered as the main sources in the field of gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics of early age up to 18 century. In originals only a small part of heritage of Soran Efessky, including his main works — «About diseases of women» and «About acute and chronic diseases» remained. There are Latin translations of his compositions (Tseliya Avreliana, 5 century, etc.).

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