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SAND BATHTUBS — procedures of a thermotherapy heated sand.

Items of century are applied as a part of complex therapy, and also is (much more rare) as an independent method of treatment. Sand has small heat conductivity, alkalescent reaction is inherent to it. Sand contains a small amount of inorganic salts; the structure them is defined by properties of the destroyed rocks of which it is formed. At P.'s reception century the operating factors are thermal, mechanical and chemical. At the general P.'s reception there is a uniform warming of all body century, body temperature can increase on 0,3 — 0,8 °, pulse and breath slightly become frequent. The procedure promotes strengthening of exchange processes, improvement of blood circulation in peripheral vessels. Mechanical action consists in an insignificant prelum superficial circulatory and limf, vessels that exerts a peculiar impact, similar to massage. Chemical effect of sand, hl. obr. sea, connect with the influence of the carbonic acid which is formed as a result of interaction of sand with then, plentifully allocated at reception of the procedure.

As well as other thermal procedures, century render to P. soothing, antiinflammatory and resorptional (at inflammatory infiltrates) action. Unlike other thermal procedures P. of century at the same temperature of the thermal agent are transferred by patients easier. This speaks physical. - chemical features of sand (lack of convection, considerable hygroscopicity, positive influence of carbonic acid on funkts, a condition of cardiovascular and respiratory systems). As P. are transferred century rather easily, can appoint them children, elderly patients, and also the patient with disturbance of functions of cardiovascular system.

Indications: the deforming osteoarthrosis, posttraumatic arthritises, a pseudorheumatism of the minimum degree of activity, a disease of a peripheral nervous system, hron, inflammatory processes in a small pelvis, some diseases connected with disbolism, effects of rickets at children, effects of cerebral palsies, hron, inflammatory diseases of ENT organs.

Contraindications the same, as to other types thermal treatment (see).

A technique

century can be spent by P. in the form of the general or local procedures. In resorts where there are beaches with a big layer of sand, in summertime for P. century use the sand heated by the sun. For this purpose on the sites of the beach which are most protected from wind prepare holes («medallions») 2 X 1 m in size with the small bulk roller at the edges in the morning. At each medallion the sun-protection nadgolovnik or an umbrella establish. When sand heats up to the necessary temperature, in a hole stack the patient and fill up with a layer of sand 5 — 8 cm thick (the head and area of heart leave free). The adult century lasting 15 — 30 min. appoint the general P. every other day, all to a course 12 — 15 procedures; temperature of sand 40 — 50 °. To children of the procedure appoint also every other day; their duration — no more than 15 min., on a course of treatment of 10 — 12 procedures; temperature of sand 40 — 45 °. At P.'s carrying out of century consider weather conditions in the open air; for adults they will be out at a radiation and equivalent and effective temperature 17 — 20 °, for children 18 — 23 °.

Local P.' technique of century (in the form of «trousers», «semi-jacket», «pants», etc.) does not differ from the general P.' technique of century. The special technique of P. of century at inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tracts is developed. The patient is stacked on a stomach and row up sand to a front surface of a neck to a chin, then filled up with sand of a hand, shoulders, interscapular area («a collar zone») and legs as «boots».

For P. the century spent in to lay down. institutions, sand is heated in special devices. The general procedures are carried out in a bathtub box, and local — in special boxes (for hands or legs). Re-using of sand is allowed only after its calcinating at t ° 100 — 110 ° within 15 — 20 min. After P.'s reception century of the patient wash under a shower (t ° waters 36 — 37 °), and then he has a rest 30 — 60 min. P. can be combined century with physical therapy, mineral bathtubs, to a lemato treatment. Century in these cases appoint local P. daily, and the general — in days, free from balneoprotsedur and klimatoprotsedur, connected with cooling.

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