SANDS Pyotr Aleksandrovich

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SANDS Pyotr Aleksandrovich (1835 — 1918) — the domestic doctor, one of founders of sanitary statistics and professional hygiene in Russia.

SANDS Pyotr Aleksandrovich

In 1861 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. In 1872 protected dokt, the thesis «About the asegkhtena as the means protecting feedstuffs from damage». In 1873 — 1875 as the privatdozent Kazan un-that gave the Russia's first course of medical geography and a dignity. statistics. In 1875 — 1 381 the territorial doctor in the Moscow unezd and the provincial health officer, In 1882 — 1895 the factory inspector of the Vladimir factory district, then worked in Tver and since 1905 in Moscow.

P. A. Peskov is the author of the first domestic guide to medical statistics and medical geography (1874); he took part in development Kazan about-vom doctors of the nomenclature of diseases, the author of one of the Russia's first classical researches of working conditions and the state of health of the Russian peasantry and industrial workers, including at factories and the plants of Moscow (1881 — 1882); the results received by it were included a component into the known researches F. F. Erismana, E. M. Dementieva, A. V. Pogozheva who were carried out in 1879 — 1885. P. A. Peskov's reports were used for revolutionary promotion among workers, V. I. Lenin referred to them.

Works: About aseptin as about the means protecting feedstuffs from damage, SPb., 1872; Medical statistics and geography as the separate industries of social sciences and methods of a statistical research in the field of medicine, Kazan, 1874; The Sketch of a sanitary research of the village of Chelobityeva of the Moscow County, the Collection to become. data Moscow time lips., t. 1, century 2, M., 1878; The Description of the Durykin-sky volost of the Moscow County in the sanitary relation, in the same place, century 3, M., 1879; The Sanitary research of factories on processing of fibrous substances in Moscow, century 1 — 2, M., 1882 — 1884; To a question of the lowering influence of factory work on a constitution of workers, the Doctor, No. 27, page 419, No. 28, page 439, No. 29, page 450, 1883; Factory life of the Vladimir province, SPb., 1884.

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