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SANATORIY-PROFILAKTORIY (synonym: night sanatorium, dispensary) — the treatment and prevention facility at the enterprise (organization) intended for carrying out medical and recreational work among workers.

The first night dispensary was open in 1921 in Moscow at the Zamoskvoretsky tubercular clinic. In their 1950 was already 679 on 23 thousand places, and in 1982 in the country there were 2676 S. - the item on 228,3 thousand places, in to-rykh received the necessary help of 3159 thousand people.

The page - the item is under authority of trade-union committee and administration of the enterprise (organization), board of collective farm and works under their management. S. - the item and for students will be organized. Such S. - the item can service also teachers and support personnel of educational institution.

To S. - items go the workers needing for health reasons treatment and improvement. From them, first of all, the persons occupied at works with heavy and harmful working conditions, the participants and disabled people (working) of the Great Patriotic War, donors dis-panserizuyemy, it is long also often ill, working teenagers. The direction - the item is carried out to S. according to the decision of the commission of social insurance of trade-union committee, at the same time 20% of permits are issued at the expense of means of social insurance free of charge, and 80% preferential, with partial payment. Medical selection in S. - the item is made medical - a dignity. parts (policlinics) with participation of the doctor S. - the item according to the recommendations approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (1979).

In the work as S. - the item is guided by the standard situation approved by the resolution of presidium of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (1979). The states S. - the item are established according to the regular standards approved by the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions.

Providing rooms for S. - the item, acquisition of the medical equipment and economic stock, contents (repair, heating, lighting, water supply, delivery of products, etc.), and also allocation of transport for delivery of vacationers in S. - the item provides the enterprise (institution, state farm, collective farm).

Expenses on food, treatment, cultural and community service of vacationers and the salary medical and it is administrative - economic personnel of S. - the item is made at the expense of means of the state social insurance or the centralized allied social insurance fund of collective farmers.

Many S. - the item are equipped with the modern medical equipment, have various kabrsheta, in to-rykh carry out physiotherapeutic, gryaze-, water-and balneological treatment etc.

The term of treatment in S. - the item makes 24 days, and for patients with an inactive form of tuberculosis — 30 calendar days. Treatment and improvement - the item is carried out to S. or permanently (treatment, food and night stay), or is out-patient, without stay at night.

More often improvement in S. - the item in summertime of female workers with children began to be put into practice. It led to essential decrease in disability of women on patient care by children. Use of base of summer camps and their adaptation under S. - the item in the autumn and winter period was widely adopted.

In decisions XXV and XXVI of congresses of the CPSU, resolutions of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Council of ministers of the USSR and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions the great value is attached to further development in the country of network C. - the item, considering their exclusive role in the treatment-and-prophylactic help to workers, in improvement, decrease in incidence and reduction trudopoter in the national economy (see. Prevention . Prevention primary ). Studying of medical efficiency of S. - the item showed that after treatment of workers in these health resorts incidence with temporary disability decreases on average by 30 — 50%; more than 90% of patients are written out with improvement of the state of health.

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