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SANATORIUM COUNTRY BOARDING SCHOOL — the general education educational institution of residential type intended for training of the children of school age needing prolonged treatment.

For the first time S. - l. highways were organized in the USSR in 1918 and originally intended for the children needing systematic antitubercular therapy. In the 60th the decision on increase in network C. - l was made. highway and extension of indications for the room of children in them. They began to service children with diseases of cardiovascular system, with hron. nonspecific diseases of a respiratory organs, with psychoneurological diseases, and also the children sick with scoliosis. Besides, recreational schools for children with the small and calming-down forms of tuberculosis are created. In total hundreds of such schools function, in to-rykh there are thousands of pupils.

As a rule, S. - l. highways are located in favorable climatic and an environment, in the beauty country spot where necessary conditions for strengthening of health of pupils, their training and education are created. Schools are equipped with the necessary educational and medical equipment.

S.'s most - l. highways are counted on the contingent of pupils of 1 — 8 classes though there are S. - l. highway and for pupils of 1 — 10 classes. The term of stay in S. - l. highway three months, but according to medical indications can be prolonged. Selection of children in S. - l. highway is carried out by the selection commission as a part of specialists doctors, the representative of department of national education, the director and the doctor of sanatorium country boarding school.

All work of S. - l. highway is under construction according to the tasks set for them: along with carrying out to lay down. - to provide with the prof. of actions to pupils strong knowledge in volume of the corresponding class of comprehensive school. Studies are given in curricula and programs of comprehensive school. Together in that in study there are features: the number of pupils in one class shall not exceed 25 people, duration of a lesson of 40 min., at each lesson the physical-cultural pause is conducted, one-two lessons are conducted in the open air (in an arbor or the klimatopavilyena), the day regimen provided a dream and the maximum stay in the open air. With the organization of teaching and educational work the teacher is helped by tutors and medical staff of school, and educational work is aimed at the all-round development of children making salutary impact on medical and recreational process.

Under the leadership of medical staff the recreational events directed to fight against palindromias at children are held. These actions including the organization of a rational diet, reasonable and systematic use of natural factors, and also medicamentous therapy are directed to increase in the general body resistance of the child, recovery of its working capacity.

The states S. - l. highways are established by the Ministries of Public Education of federal republics according to the existing regular standards approved by councils of ministers of federal republics.

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K. V. Agafonova.