SAMOYLOV Alexander Filippovich

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SAMOYLOV Alexander Filippovich (1867 — 1930) — the Soviet physiologist, the winner of an award of V. I. Lenin.

SAMOYLOV Alexander Filippovich

Graduated from natural department Novorossiysk un-that (in Odessa) and medical f-t of Yuryevsky un-that (nowadays Tartu un-t). In 1891 protected dokt. thesis.

In 1892 — 1894 worked in Ying-those experimental medicine for I. P. Pavlov. Since 1894 the laboratory assistant in laboratory I. M. Sechenova, and since 1896 the privatdozent medical f-that Moscow un-that. Since 1903 and until the end of life professor of zoology, a comparative anatomy and physiology physical and mathematical f-that Kazan un-that, at the same time (since 1921) professor of physiology

Veterinary in-that and fiziko - a mat - maticheskogof - that to a 1-gomg. A. F. Samoylov was the organizer and the consultant of the first electrocardiographic offices in Moscow.

A. F. Samoylov published 115 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of physiology. He was one of founders of an electrocardiography, made the significant contribution to development of an electrophysiology; the first applied a string galvanometer to studying of activity of skeletal muscles and reflex reactions, nominated ideas of the chemical nature of transfer of excitement both from a nerve to a skeletal muscle, and between nervous cells of all nervous system, offered a hypothesis of the humoral nature of the central braking. A. F. Samoylov upheld idea of a cyclic distributional pattern of processes of excitement in a nervous system, to-rye are close to modern cybernetic representations. It also published a number of sketches on stories of physiology (about U. Garvey, I. M. Sechenov. Loeb, And. II. Pavlov, R. Magnus); performed a number of works in the field of the physiological theory of music. A. F. Samoylov was a member of the CEC Tatar the ASSR.

Works: Uber das Schicksal des Eisens im thierischen Organismus, Diss., St Petersburg, 1892; The Chosen articles and speeches, M. — JI., 1946; Chosen works, M., 1967.

Bibliography: Grigoryan N. A. Alexander Filippovich Samoylov, M., 1963; R and x l and L. M. N, A. F. Samoylov and a clinical electrocardiography { To the 100 anniversary since birth), Cardiology, t. 7, 7, page 155, 1967.

A. V. Kibyakov.