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SALPINGOSKOPIYA (Greek salpinx, salping[os] a pipe + skopeo to observe, investigate) — a visual method of a research of drum and pharyngeal openings of an Eustachian tube by means of special devices. The research is conducted for the purpose of identification patol. changes and carrying out to lay down. manipulations under control of sight.

Survey of a drum opening is possible with big defects of a tympanic membrane, carry out it through an ear speculum (see. Otorhinolaryngological tools ). Direct survey of a pharyngeal opening is made from a nasal cavity by means of a salpingoskop, and from an oral cavity — faringoskopy. The first salpingoskop Valentina represented the device like the cystoscope (see. Tsistoskopiya ) with the bulb and system of lenses enlarging the image. Optical faringoskopa have the form of the pallet bent at an angle. The domestic optical ear salpingomanipulyator consists of a trunk, an optical tube, a buzha-catheter, a protective cover and the contact handle. The trunk has oval section in caliber No. 12 on Sharryer's scale and working length of 190 mm, contains on the distal end a tiny electrolamp for illumination of a cavity. The optical tube has a viewing angle in 90 °. Thanks to existence special mobile on - the governor in a trunk managed by the handles located on the proximal end of a trunk in a pharyngeal opening of an Eustachian tube (an acoustical pipe, T.) under control of an optical tube through a branch pipe of a trunk it can be entered elastic buzh, representing a plastic tube with a diameter of 1,33 mm with a side window. For introduction to an Eustachian tube (see. Acoustical pipe ) radiopaque substances or medicines and blowing off to I awake her it is possible to attach the syringe. For an exception of pollution of a lamp and glass of optics at introduction of the device to a cavity there is a thin-walled protective cover which is freely moved along a trunk. Food of a lighting lamp of a trunk is carried out from the lowering endoscopic transformer by means of the contact handle.

Diagrammatic representation of a salpingoskopiya: the trunk of a salpingoskop in which there is an optical tube is carried out through the closing nasal stroke to a nasopharynx to a pharyngeal opening of an Eustachian tube; 1 — an ocular funnel; 2 — an electrolamp; 3 — a pharyngeal opening of an Eustachian tube; 4 — a rozenmyullerova a pole; 5 — the protective plastic cover covering a trunk of a salpingoskop; 6 — the contact handle.

Pages make in the darkened room, the patient at the same time sits on a chair. Under local surface anesthesia (2% solution of Dicainum from 0,1% solution of adrenaline) the trunk of a salpingoskop with the entered optical tube is carried out on the closing nasal stroke to a nasopharynx (fig). Examine a pharyngeal opening of an Eustachian tube, a pharyngeal pocket (a rozenmyullerov a pole). At pathology it is possible to see a hyperemia, hypostasis of a mucous membrane in the field of a pharyngeal opening, its narrowing.

The injury of a mucous membrane can be S.'s complication, edges it is observed seldom and does not constitute danger. However in these cases it is impossible to carry out blowing off of an Eustachian tube in order to avoid emphysema drinks (see).

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