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SALI Hermann (Sahli Hermann, 1856 — 1933) — the Swiss therapist, professor (1888).

SALI Herman

After the termination medical f-that Bern un-that (1878) and protection the same year dokt. the thesis devoted to topographical percussion at children worked as the assistant in university clinics in Bern, and in 1881 — 1882 in laboratories and clinics of high fur boots of Paris, Vienna, London and Leipzig (including under the direction of 10. Kongeyma). Since 1882 the associate professor, and from 1888 to 1929 professor of department of internal diseases and the director of clinic un-that in Bern.

Scientific activity of G. Sali is devoted to studying of diseases of blood, including ankilostomny anemia, a pseudo-chlorosis, hemophilia; disease of a stomach and intestines; pathologies of lungs, including tuberculosis and tuberkulinoteragsha; flu, diphtheria, tetanus and others inf. diseases, and also rheumatism, etc. He for the first time made a hypothesis of insufficiency of a thrombokinase as to the reason of hemophilia. The world popularity of G. Sali works in the area brought a wedge, diagnoses. Its guide but a wedge, was repeatedly republished and translated to methods of a research into many languages (including into Russian). G. Sali improved and offered a number of methods of a blood analysis, from to-rykh the greatest distribution received methods of definition of concentration of hemoglobin by means of the gemometr created by it (see. Gemoglobinometriya ), calculation of uniform elements of blood by means of the cytometer designed by it, definition of sugar in blood (1904). Are offered them a way of definition of functional activity of a stomach (Sali test, 1891) and a technique of definition free salt to - you in a stomach; original designs of an arteriometr (for measurement of a gleam of an artery), a pulsator, the manometer, etc. are created. It entered in to lay down. to the practician salty bathtubs, drugs salol, guaiacol, offered use of pantopon for injections (1909).

Works: Die topographische Percussion im Kin-desalter, Bern, 1882 (Russian lane, SPb., 1886); Lehrbuch der klinischen Untersuchungs-Methoden, Lpz. — Wien, 1894, Bd 1 — 3, 1928 —1932 (Russian lane, t. 1 — 2, SPb., 1911); Uber Tuberkulin behandlung, Basel, 1907, 1913.

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V. I. Borodulin, A. V. Bruyenok.