SALISHCHEV Eraste Gavrilovich

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SALISHCHEV Eraste Gavrilovich (1851 — 1901) — the domestic surgeon, professor (1890), the founder of the Tomsk school of surgeons.

SALISHCHEV Eraste Gavrilovich

In 1869 arrived on medical f-t Kazan un-that, but in protest at P.F. Lesgaft's dismissal left the 3rd course. In 1875 graduated from Medicochirurgical academy, worked as the territorial doctor in Zlatoust. In 1877 — 1878 as the doctor was involved in the Russian-Turkish war. Since 1880 the intern of surgical clinic at S. P. Kolomnin, and then the prosector of department of the operational surgery and topographical anatomy headed by I. I. Nasilov. In 1885 protected dokt. the thesis «A topographical sketch of a male crotch» (in 1888 it is conferred P. A. Zagorski's award). Since 1890 professor and the department chair of operational surgery and topographical anatomy, and since 1892 — department of hospital surgery Tomsk un-that.

E. G. Salishchev is the author of scientific works on traumatology, the oncologist, surgeries of an abdominal cavity and urology. It the first in Russia made full excision of a prostate and amputation of the lower extremity and a half a basin on the way developed by it. Under its management V. D. Dobromyslov for the first time in the world developed torako-pleural access to a gullet.

Since 1892 E. G. Salishchev headed Tomsk about-in scientists and doctors. In Tomsk un-those the award of a name E is founded. G. Salishcheva for the best scientific work in the field of medicine and natural sciences and a scholarship for students.

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