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SALAZOPYRIDAZINUM (Salazopyridazinum; synonym: salitsilazosulfametoksipiridazin, Salazodinum) — chemotherapeutic means from group of sulfanamide drugs. 5-(n-[N-(3-метоксипиридазинил-6-)-сульфамидо] - fenilazo) - salicylic to - that; With 18 H 15 O 6 N 5 S:

Yellowish-orange powder, without taste and a smell. It is water-insoluble, we will dissolve in solutions of alkalis and hydrocarbonates; pier. weight (weight) 429,4.

On a chemical structure it is close to to Salazodimethoxinum (see) and to other salazosulfanilamida, like the Crimea renders to lay down. effect at nonspecific ulcer colitis. S.'s action is defined by hl. obr. properties of the active metabolites which are formed of it in an organism — the sulfapiridaznn rendering antimicrobic effect, and 5-aminosalicylic to - you, having antiinflammatory and ginosensibiliziruyushchy properties.

The page is easily soaked up in went. - kish. a path, the hl is metabolized. obr. in a liver and partially in intestines. Metabolites and not changed S. are allocated generally with urine.

Page. apply for treatment ulcer nonspecific colitis (see) and prevention of a recurrence of this disease, and also for treatment of a disease Krone — granulematozny colitis (see. Krone disease ) and for preparation for operative measures on a large intestine.

Apply inside and rektalno. Inside appoint the adult 0,5 g 2 — 4 times a day after food. At nonspecific ulcer colitis of S. in this dose apply during 3 — 4 weeks then with therapeutic effect the daily dose is reduced to 1 — 1,5 g and continue treatment during 2 — 3 weeks. To children in the acute period of nonspecific ulcer colitis of S. appoint in the following daily doses: at the age of 3 — 5 years — 0,5 g, 5 — 7 years — 0,8 — 1 g, 7 — 15 years — 1 — 1,5 g. On reaching to lay down. effect the daily dose is reduced twice every 10 — 14 days.

Rektalno S. is entered in the form of 5% of suspension at nonspecific ulcer colitis with preferential defeat of a direct and sigmoid gut, at aggravations of a proctitis after an ileoproctostomy, for the purpose of preparation of a stump of a rectum for recovery operations.

Side effects The page is same, as at reception of Salazodimethoxinum (dispeptic frustration, allergic reactions, a leukopenia). At rectal administration perhaps short-term burning sensation in a rectum.

At appointment in combination with kolibakteriny (see) it is necessary to consider possible antibacterial effect of S. concerning the strain of colibacillus which is contained in the kolibakterena.

Page. it is contraindicated at intolerance of streptocides and salicylates.

Form of release: powder, tablets on 0,5 g, 5% suspension in bottles on 250 ml (for rectal administration). Storage: in well corked container in the place protected from light.

See also Sulfanamide drugs .

Bibliography: see bibliogr. to St. Salazodimethoxinum .

E. N. Padeyskaya.