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SAINT VINCENT AND GRENADINES — the island state in the Caribbean Sea in a southeast part of the archipelago of Small Antilles islands. It is located on the lake Saint Vincent and small islands adjoining it from the South Northern Grenadines (Bekiya, Myustik, Kanuan, the Union, etc.)., General territory of 389 Population of 120 thousand people (1980). The capital and the main port — Kingstown (apprx. 30 thousand zhit., 1977). Ofits. language — English.


Saint Vincent and Grenadines — the independent state since 1979 (before had the status of the state associated with Great Britain). Enters the Commonwealth headed by Great Britain. According to the constitution Saint Vincent and Grenadines — the constitutional monarchy recognizing as the head of state the queen of Great Britain. The queen is presented. governor general. Legislature is the unicameral parliament — Chamber of a meeting. Executive power belongs to the government headed by the prime minister.

Islands, on to-rykh the state, a volcanic origin, the relief which is strongly dismembered, preferential mountain is located, on the lake Saint Vincent there is an active volcano Sufriyer. The climate is tropical, passatny, wet.

The basis of the economy — agriculture and service of tourists. The population grows up bananas, coconuts, cocoa beans, a sugarcane, etc. Saint Vincent and Grenadines — the world's leading producer of arrowroot (the starch extracted from macrotherms). Also the livestock production is developed. The industry generally processes agricultural raw materials.

The most part of the population is made by Blacks and mulattos; natives of Great Britain, Portuguese, Indians, etc. live in the country.

Indicators of natural are moved by a niya of the population according to WHO materials in 1979 (for 1000 the population): birth rate 35,1, general mortality 7,1, natural increase 28,0. Child mortality 38,1 on 1000 live-born. Average duration of the forthcoming life of men of 58,5 years, women 59,7 (1959—1961).

Intestinal infections, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, veins are widespread. diseases, a frambeziya, etc., are frequent acute respiratory diseases, pneumonia; among children up to 2 years — the diseases connected with insufficiency of food.

The health service of the country is headed by the Ministry of Health and social development.

In 1972 in the country was 8 state to lay down. institutions on 529 beds giving stationary help, including 1 general - tsa in Kingstown on 211 beds, from to-rykh 34 beds of the general profile, 63 — surgical, 33 — gynecologic, 54 — pediatric and 27 — without the established specialization. 3 rural-tsy, orthopedic-tsa (20 beds),-tsa for treatment hron. patients (125 beds), psychiatric-tsa (70 beds),-tsa for treatment of TB patients (50 beds); besides, nursing home, leper colony.

Extra hospital help was given by out-patient departments of hospitals, and in the rural districts of 29 centers of health care and clinics staffed by paramedical staff. (The name and content of work of healthcare institutions Saint Vincent and Grenadines not completely corresponds to the concepts accepted in the USSR — see Le-chebno-profila to t ichesky at the h r ezhden iya abroad.)

Since the beginning of the 70th the campaign for fight against a frambeziya consisting hl was waged. obr. in mass treatment by penicillin therefore the number of the registered cases was reduced with 96 in 1972 to 1 in 1979. Actions for elimination of mosquitoes of Aedes aegypti were carried out. The expanded programme of immunization providing vaccination of children against diphtheria, measles, whooping cough and tetanus is carried out. The enterprise for production of substitutes of breast milk is constructed.

In 1974 in the country 19 doctors (2,1 for 10,0 thousand population), 147 nurses and 2 midwifes, 24 assistants to the nurse and the assistant to the midwife, 1 dignity worked. engineer, 18 medical officers.

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V. V. Fedorov.