SAGITTARIUSES Vladimir Vladimirovich

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SAGITTARIUSES Vladimir Vladimirovich (1902 — 1947) — the Soviet doctor, the specialist in the field of an air medicine, professor (1938). Colonel of medical service (1943). Member of the CPSU.

SAGITTARIUSES Vladimir Vladimirovich

Ended VMA in 1926, it was left at department of normal physiology where worked under the leadership of L. A. Orbeli. In 1939 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Influence of the Lowered Barometric Pressure and Accelerations upon an Organism». Worked in research establishments of the Soviet Armed Forces and at the same time in system of the Merchant air fleet; in 1939 — 1947 directed special departments of an air medicine in the 2nd MMI and the CCP.

B. V. Streltsov is one of founders of an air medicine in the USSR; its activity played an important role in creation of base for development of space medicine. It published St. 100 scientific works on an air medicine, including the monograph «Aviation Physiology and Medicine in the USSR in 25 Years» (1942). He the first in the USSR made experimental rise in a pressure chamber and the first of doctors fact-finding parachute jump. In 1932 for the purpose of check of the onboard oxygen equipment participated in formation flying Moscow — Kharkiv — Moscow. V. V. Streltsov headed section of an air medicine Moscow physiological about-va and the commission on an air medicine at Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR. Under its management in 1934 special physical training of pilots at Ying-those physical cultures of V. I. Lenin in Moscow was begun.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner and medals.

Works: Oxygen and oxygen apparatuses for high-rise flights, Civil aviation, No. 4, page 18, 1938;' Physical culture of the pilot, Sakhmolet, No. 13, page 7, 1939; Use of Carbogenum at high-rise flights, Civil aviation, No. 5, page 29, 1941; Physiology of a parachute jump, in the same place, No. 2, page 17, 1941; The Air medicine and physiology in the USSR in 25 years, Bulletin ekspery. medical and biol., t. 14, century 5-6, page 7, 1942; Influence of height and accelerations on an organism of the pilot, M. — L., 1945.

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