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SACRODYNIA (sacrodynia; lat. [os] of sacrum a sacrum + Greek odyne pain) — the pains in a sacrum caused by various pathological processes in a small basin and adjacent areas.

The page is observed more often at ginekol. diseases, napr, at an acute and chronic inflammation of perimetric cellulose (see. Parametritis ) with a prelum of a sacriplex inflammatory infiltrate. The painful nature of pains is noted at the chronic back parametritis leading to wrinkling of rectouterine or sacrouterine sheaves. Quite often S. arises at endometriosis (see) during pregnancy and after the delivery, especially at an exercise stress.

Pains in a sacrum can be connected with anomalies of development of lumbosacral department of a backbone, to the Crimea first of all the union of the V lumbar vertebra with a sacrum belongs — sacralization (see) and separation of the I sacral vertebra from other mass of a sacrum — lumbalization (see). In an origin of pains development matters arthrosis (see) in abnormal joints of vertebrae and dystrophic changes of joint shoots, especially at hemilesion. In such cases of pain in a sacrum appear suddenly after load of a backbone, inclinations of a trunk in the parties, during the falling on legs, and also at the awkward movements. The aching pains in a sacrum are usually constant symptom of shift of the V lumbar vertebra in the front-back direction — spondylolisthesis (see). They have especially persistent character at a combination of a spondylolisthesis to the deforming arthrosis of joints of a backbone and to a spondylosis (defect of an interarticular part or plate of an arch of a vertebra). Not fusion of arches of I and the II sacral vertebrae not always is S.'s reason since bone defect of arches is usually replaced with the cartilage preventing protrusion of a meninx. However the combination of this anomaly to maldevelopment of covers of a spinal cord usually causes pains, many years sometimes proceeding.

The page can arise also at an inflammation of a pear-shaped muscle (see. Piriformis-sindrom ). A number of diseases of lumbosacral department of a backbone (a spondylitis, tumors, osteomyelitis, etc.) usually is followed by megalgias in a sacrum (see. Sacral area, pathology ; Backbone, pathology ). The page can be caused by ossification of sacroiliac sheaves in elderly people.

At S. patients should make careful gynecologic and neurologic inspection. The nature of damage of a backbone comes to light by means of a X-ray analysis. In the presence of changes in a female genital or in a backbone appoint the corresponding treatment.

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K. F. Kanareykin.