SABURO Raymond

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SABURO Raymond (Sabouraud Raymond Jacques Adrien, 1864 — 1938) — the French dermatologist and the mycologist.

SABURO Raymond

Ended medical f-t Parisian un-that in 1889. In 1894 received degree of the doctor of medicine. Since 1897 managed laboratory in Saint Ludovic's hospital. On formation of scientific views of R. Saburo special impact was exerted by R. Koch and I. I. Mechnikov's works. He studied pathogenic fungi in the cultures which are grown up on the mediums developed by nanometer; these researches laid the foundation for a medical and veterinary mycology. R. Saburo created classification of dermatophytes which basis it was four principles: feature of culture of fungi; their morphology in the affected hair, a wedge, a picture of a disease and a source of infection (the person, an animal). This classification did not lose the value and in a crust, time, it was the base of the subsequent classifications (see. Fungi parasitic ). Standard, simple mediums of Saburo in production («trial» — «the environment of preservation» — for resowing of museum cultures) are widely applied to comparison of cultures in mycologic laboratories of the world (see. Saburo of the environment ). A number of its researches was devoted to problems of a pathogeny of seborrhea, classification of pustulous diseases of skin, etc. Together with Noiret (N. of Noire) in 1904 he designed the device for dosage measurement of radiation during the carrying out a roentgenotherapy of fungal infections of a pilar part of the head (Saburo's dosimeter — Noiret). The sort of fungi — Sabouraudites is called by the name of Aloes.

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