SABANEEV Ivan Fedorovich

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SABANEEV Ivan Fedorovich (sort. in 1856, year of death is not determined) — the domestic surgeon.

SABANEEV Ivan Fedorovich

In 1882 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that, in 1886 — 1887 worked in VMA, since 1887 — in medical institutions of Odessa. In 1888 protected dokt. the thesis about an osteolasty of a nasal cartilage. In 1904 — 1908 the privatdozent Novorossiysk un-that and at the same time (since 1902) the senior doctor of one of BC in Odessa.

I. F. Sabaneev gained popularity the plastic surgeries, in particular intercondyloid osteoplastic amputation of a hip (see. Sabaneeva operation ). It published also works about surgical treatment of tuberculosis, sewing together of vessels (1895), preperitoneal hernias. I. F. Sabaneev possesses a priority in creation of the technique of imposing of outside fistula of a stomach called usually by a gastrostomy according to Frank (see. Gastrostomy ).

Works: About an osteolasty of a nasal partition, Protocols of meetings Ob-va kiyevsk. doctors with appendices for 1886 — 1887, page 9, Kiev, 1888; About imposing of tubular gastric fistula at esophageal stenoses, Hir. vestn., June, page 690, 1890; Several words about «vnesochlenovny excision of a knee», Doctor, t. 17, No. 38, page 1046, 1896; Dalneyshiya of observation concerning transcondylar osteoplastic amputation of a hip, the Chronicle Russian hir., t. 2, page 651, 1897; To a question of preperitoneal hernias, in the same place, No. 6, page 940, 1897; Several notes on radical treatment of side peritoneal hernias, in the same place, t. 5, No. 1, page 56, 1900.

Bibliography: The anniversary collection of the Odessa district hospital, 1902 — 1927, under the editorship of M. S. Belenky, page 13, Odessa, 1927.