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SABANEEVA OPERATION ( I. F. Sabaneev , domestic surgeon, sort. in 1856; synonym: osteoplastic intercondyloid amputation of a hip, osteoplastic exarticulation of a shin, Sabaneev's amputation) — amputation of a hip at the level of condyles of a femur.

Diagrammatic representation of the main stages of operation of Sabaneev: and — the hips of a part of femoral and tibial bones deleted at amputation (are shaded); — the bone plate from area of tuberosity of a tibial bone closes defect (opit) a femur.

At the same time opit a femur close a bone plate from area of tuberosity of a tibial bone (fig).

It is described by I. F. Sabaneev in 1890. It is based on the principle of operation of osteoplastic amputation on Pirogov and is modification of operation of Gritti — Szymanowski (see. Amputation , Gritti — Szymanowski operation , Pirogova amputation ). Yields the best results, than operation prototype since fabrics in the field of tuberosity of a tibial bone are more hardy to pressure during the walking in a prosthesis.

Indications the same, as to Gritti's operation — Szymanowski.

At the level of a knee joint find front (bigger) and back rags. Open with back access a knee joint, after a section of side and crucial ligaments pererazgibat a shin to a front surface of a hip, resect a femur at the level of the greatest width of condyles. Find a bone plate from a front surface of a tibial bone 10 — 15 mm thick with tuberosity of a tibial bone. The found bone plate is compared with opily by hips and fix to it seams.

Shortcoming The village of the lake — formation of the long stump of a hip extending from top to bottom that complicates prosthetics (see). In this regard operation is applied seldom.

S.'s modification by the lake — Abrazhanov's operation (1898). at a cut the bone rag is found from a back surface of a tibial bone and on the musculocutaneous bridge transferred to an opil of a femur.

Bibliography: Sabaneev I. F. Further observations concerning transcondylar osteoplastnchesky amputation of a hip, the Chronicle Russian hir., t. 2, page 651, 1897.

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