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RU Emil (Roux Pierre Paul Emile, 1853 — 1933) — the French bacteriologist and the immunologist, the closest associate of L. Pasteur, one of founders of a serotherapy, the member of National academy of medicine (1895), the French academy (1899), the foreign member London royal about-va (1913), the honorary member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1925).

RU Emil

Got a medical education in Clermont-Ferrand, then ended medical f-t Parisian un-that. From 1874 to 1877 it was improved in clinic of the same un-that and at Military school in Wal-de-Grasse. Since 1878 the laboratory assistant in L. Pasteur's laboratory at the Higher normal school, since 1883 the deputy director of laboratory. Since 1888 the manager. department in Ying-those Pasteur; for many years conducted in it annual courses on bacterial. to the equipment, in to-ruyu brought many improvements. Since 1895 the deputy director, and in 1904 — 1933 the director Ying-that of Pasteur.

As the direct assistant to L. Pasteur to E. R participated in researches on attenuation of microorganisms and development on this basis of vaccines against a malignant anthrax and rage. Together with Yersen (A. E. J. Yersin) emitted diphtheritic toxin and in an experiment proved that all symptoms of diphtheria can be reproduced by impact of toxin on a lab. animals, i.e. without participation of bacteria. After opening E. Beringom and S. Kitasato of antitoxins of diphtheria and tetanus (1890) and their immunizing effect to E. R together with L. Martin received horse anti-toxic antidiphtherial serum (1894), use a cut caused a revolution in treatment of diphtheria. For development of antidiphtherial serum and its implementation in a wedge, to the practician E. R and E. Beringu the award Ying-that France (1895) was awarded. Basic distinction between action intratserebralno and subcutaneously the entered tetanin (1898) was succeeded to establish E. Ra (together with A. Borel) thanks to what P. Ehrlich and A. Wasserman's assumption was disproved that tetanic antitoxin is produced by cells of c. N of page E. Ru together with Nokar (E. 1. E. Nocard) the filtered disease-producing agent of a peripneumonia of cattle allocated in 1898.

As to the largest successor of business of L. Pasteur E. R Osiris's award (100 thousand francs) was awarded, to-ruyu it completely offered to I. I. Mechnikov for work on experimental syphilis. Results of these researches were published further by I. I. Mechnikov joint about E. Ra.

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