RUSSIAN Dmitry Mikhaylovich

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RUSSIAN Dmitry Mikhaylovich (1887 — 1955) — the Soviet therapist and the historian of medicine, zasl. scientist of RSFSR.

RUSSIAN Dmitry Mikhaylovich

Ended medical f-t (1911) and biological department physical and mathematical f-that MSU (1920). Since 1912 employee, and then department chair of hospital therapeutic clinic medical f-that MSU. In 1915 for experimental work «About influence of extract from an infundibulyarny part of a hypophysis on a metabolism at animals» the academic degree of the doctor of medicine was appropriated to D. M. Rossiysky. From 1921 to 1953 the manager. polyclinic department of the 1st MMI. At the same time in 1948 the department chair of history of medicine. From 1953 to 1955 the department chair of pharmacology.

Scientific activity of D. M. Rossiysky was devoted to questions of clinical medicine, pharmacology and history of medicine. He took part in creation of the first domestic managements «Fundamentals of endocrinology» and «Clinical endocrinology». The monograph about not diabetes mellitus is written to them, works about poisonings and antidotes, concerning balneology, by clinical laboratory methods of a research are published. It possesses a merit of development of a technique of polyclinic training of students. D. M. Rossiysky devoted to questions of history of medicine about 150 works. The most important among them — «History of domestic medicine and health care, the Bibliography (996 — 1954)». Its last work «200 years of medical faculty of Moscow State University» came out posthumously (1955).

D. M. Rossiysky was chairman Vserossiyskogo about-va endocrinologists, the chairman Vsesoyuznogo and Moscow istorikomeditsinsky scientific about-in, Vsesoyuzny's chairman of committee on fight against flu, the chairman of the Commission on research of new medicinal substances, the member of Pharmacological committee, Academic medical Council of M3 of the USSR.

D. M. Rossiysky is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: About influence of extract from an infundibu-lyarny part of Glandulae Pituitariae on a metabolism at animals, a yew., M., 1914; Clinical laboratory methods of a research, M. — Pg., 1923, M. — L., 1931; Medicinal plants of the USSR, M., 1926; Flu, M., 1942; Domestic medicinal plants and their medical use, M., 1944; 200 years of medical faculty of Moscow State University — 1 Moscow Order of Lenin of medical institute, M., 1955; History of general and domestic medicine and health care, Bibliography (996 — 1954), M., 1956.

Bibliography: Petrov B. D. D. M. Rossiysky's memories, in book: Rossiysky of D. M. Istoriya general and otechestvo, medical and zdravookhr., Bibliography (996 — 1954), page 3, M., 1956; Ryabov G. 3. Dmitry Mikhaylovich Rossiysky, Klien, medical, t. 33, No. 8, page 88, 1955.

B. D. Petrov.