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RUSNYAK Istvan (Rusznyak Istvan, 1889 — 1974) — the Hungarian therapist, the pathophysiologist and the biochemist, the academician (1946) and the president (1949 — 1970) Hungarian AN, the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958), and also some other academies and science foundations.

RUSNYaK Istvan

Ended medical f-t Budapest un-that in 1912 and till 1931 worked as the assistant in clinic Sh. Co-ranji. Since 1931 professor un-that in Szeged, and from 1946 to 1963 the department chair of therapy medical f-that Budapest un-that and at the same time (since 1960) the director of Institute of experimental medicine.

In 1920 I. Rusnyak opened that a part of sugar of blood is connected with proteins in the form of glycoproteins. In 1921 offered a micromethod of definition of chlorides and methods of definition of sodium and urea in blood. In 1923 developed a nefelometrichesky method of definition of protein fractions in blood serum (see. Rusnyaka methods ). In 1936 together with A. Saint-Dyyordyi emitted from a lemon and red pepper the vitaminopodobny substance from group of biofla-vonoid called by them citrin. I. Rusnyak's works are devoted also to problems of a lymphokinesis, shock, disturbance of a trophicity at defeat of a nervous system, pathogeny of diseases of kidneys, etc. In 1949 and 1956 to it the award of Koshut was awarded, and in 1968 he was awarded by the Gold medal of M. V. Lomonosov Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Works: Physik and And se-h - with h em i sch e U n t er s u with h u i v-gen an Korperfliissigkeiten, I. Der Zustand des Chlors in Serum und Plasma, Biochem. Z., Bd 110, s. 60, 1920; Untersuchungen iiber die klmische Bedeutung der Eiweis-sfraktionen des Blutplasmas, Z. klin. Med., Bd 98, S. 337, 1924 (sovm. with other); Vitamin P, flavonols as vitamins, Nature (Lond.), v. 138, p. 27, 1936 (sovm. with Szent-Gyorgyi A.); Recherches sur la fonction du rein sain et rnalade, Sem. Hop. Paris, t. 26, p. 2985, 1950; Physiology and pathology of a lymphokinesis, riep. with Wenger., Budapest, 1957 (sovm. with other); Lymphologie, Physiologie und Pathologie der Lymphge-fasse und des Lympkreisiaufes, Budapest, 1969 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: In memory Istvan Русняку (1889—1974), Wenger, pharmakoter., No. 3, page 140, 1975.

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