RUSANOV Andrey Gavrilovich

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RUSANOV Andrey Gavrilovich (1874 — 1949) — the Soviet surgeon, professor (1921). Member of the CPSU. In 1946 it was elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR.

RUSANOV Andrey Gavrilovich

In 1898 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, within three years worked as the intern in L. L. Levshin's clinic. Since 1907 the senior doctor and the surgeon Voronezh provincial territorial-tsy. In 1912 protected dokt. the thesis «About surgical treatment to a tuberculosis of a peritoneum». Since 1919 the manager. hospital surgical clinic medical f-that Voronezh un-that.

A. G. Rusanov is the author of the St. 70 scientific works devoted generally to questions of impassability of intestines, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a wound fever. He developed a problem immunol. reactions of an organism to a wound fever. One of the first beginnings to apply a bestamponny method of treatment of wounds. In the monograph devoted to treatment of wounds (1940) the wedge, currents of a contaminated wound offered almost important periodization; the provisions which are put forward by it were successfully used by the Soviet medicine during the Great Patriotic War. It possesses memories of L. N. Tolstoy.

And. G. Rusanov was a founder Voronezh medicochirurgical about-va (1907) and its permanent chairman until the end of life. Clinic, in a cut he worked 42 years, bears his name.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner, medals.

Works: To a question of pathology to a tuberculosis of a peritoneum and treatment by its chrevosecheniye, yew., Voronezh, 1912; From area of a surgical infection. m.; About a perforation of round stomach ulcer, Dnipropetrovsk, 1928; Memories of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, Voronezh, 1937; About value of conservative actions in a problem of treatment of Ilheus, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 38, No. 1-4, page 249, 1937; About practical and theoretical value of our conservative actions in a problem of treatment of intestinal impassability, Vestn. hir., t. 50, book 133-134, page 121, 1937; About an origin and a word meaning Ilheus, in the same place, t. 57, book 2-3, page 243, 1939; Treatment of wounds, Voronezh, 1940.

Bibliography: Shchekotov G. M. Andrey Gavrilovich Rusanov, Vestn. hir., t. 84, N ° 5, page 154, 1960.

G. M. Shchekotov.