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RUBIDIUM (Latin. Rubidium, Rb) — element I of group of a periodic system of D. I. Mendeleyev, sequence number 37, at. weight (weight) 85,4678.

Natural R. represents mix of two isotopes: stable 85 Rb (72,15%) and slightly radioactive 87 Rb with half-life of 4,8-10 10 years.

The river constantly is present at fabrics of plants and animals. Blood of the person contains about 0,0003% of rubidium. Also 24 artificial radioisotopes P. with mass numbers from 74 to 99 are known, a part from to-rykh are short-lived.

Now use of radionuclides P. in clinical and medico-biol. researches it is limited. Possibilities of use of radionuclides 81Rb and 86Rb for assessment of a myocardial blood-groove and visualization of a myocardium by method are of the greatest interest stsintigrafiya (see), R. based on ability, like potassium, to collect in a myocardium. However characteristics of radiation of the most available isotope of s6Rb rubidium (rather small exit 7 radiations at energy of quanta of 1,077 Mev) badly correspond to a problem of blood flow measurement in a myocardium and the more so a problem of visualization of a myocardium. Short-lived radionuclide of rubidium 81Rb with half-life of 4,58 hours and the main line of gamma radiation of 0,45 Mev is more suitable for these researches. In particular, visualization of a myocardium with the help 81Rb is rather informative method for assessment of the forecast and efficiency to lay down. actions at dynamic overseeing by the patients who had a myocardial infarction (see. Radio isotope research ). There are also messages on use of this radionuclide for visualization of a spleen and measurement of a splenic blood-groove. It is used also for preparation of the generator of ultrashort-lived 81 mkg. The possibility of measurement of a myocardial blood-groove by means of positron radiators is of a certain interest. For such researches the short-lived radionuclides P. which are characterized by positron radiation can be used.

Measures of labor protection during the work with isotopes P. conform to the standard normative requirements of radiation safety (see. Antiactinic protection , Radiological protective processing equipment ). According to «Standards of radiation safety» NRB — the 76th minimum significant activity 86Rb in a workplace makes 10 mkkyur and it concerns on radiation toxicity group B.

See also Isotopes .

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