RUBEL Arkady Nikolaevich

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RUBEL Arkady Nikolaevich (1867 — 1938) — the Soviet therapist and the phthisiatrician, professor (1920).

RUBEL Arkady Nikolaevich

In 1891 ended VMA. In 1891 — 1892 trained in Vienna in therapeutic clinic of the prof. Not-nagelya (Page W. H. Nothnagel). From 1893 to 1900 would work in Aleksandrovskaya for unskilled workers (nowadays Hospital in memory on October 25). From 1899 to 1904 the health officer in St. Petersburg. Since 1900 consisted the intern, then the assistant to therapeutic clinic Women's medical in-that (nowadays the 1st Leningrad medical in-t). From 1903 to 1914 the director of summer kumysolechebny sanatorium, at the same time (from 1906 to 1914) worked in Ying-those experimental medicine in department of the general pathology under the leadership of V. V. Podvysotsky. In 1899 organized in St. Petersburg about-in hospital doctors and became his secretary. In 1918 created and headed the first in P etrograda Central tubercular station with a hospital (afterwards the Central indicative clinic). Since 1920 was professor State in-that medical knowledge (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic institute) and at the same time (for 1931) the privatdozent of GIDUV.

Scientific activity of A. N. Rubel was devoted to studying of pathology of lungs. It investigated a role of intersticial fabric in development patol. processes in lungs, it is described a wedge, a picture of a pneumosclerosis, the doctrine about bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema of lungs is revised, the explanation of features a wedge, pictures of early forms of tuberculosis is offered, value at this disease of damage of bronchial tubes is shown and limf, systems, and also the role of compensatory mechanisms is studied at it hron. forms. A. N. Rubel the first in Russia (1910) applied artificial pheumothorax to treatment of a pulmonary tuberculosis and first-ever published the monograph about this method (1912).

Works: To the doctrine about action V1eg'ovskoy of a congestive hyperemia on local tubercular process, a yew., SPb., 1909; Artificial pheumothorax at treatment of a pulmonary tuberculosis, SPb., 1912; Questions of a pas of a logiya and clinic of diseases of lungs, sketches 1—4, JI., 1925; Chronic bronchitis, pneymonokonioza and pneymosklero-za, JI., 1925; Tuberculosis, in book: Chastn. patol. also rubbed. vnutr. Bol., under the editorship of G. F. Lang and D. D. Pletnev, t. 1, p. 2, page 1, L. — M, 1931.

Bibliography: A. N. Rubel (To the 45 anniversary of medical, scientific, pedagogical and public work), Rubbed. arkh., t. 15, No. 4, page 571, 1937; Kolesov V. I., A. N. Rubel (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Klin, medical, t. 46, No. 7, page 151, 1968; M and and z and N and to M. L., A. N. Rubel as the phthisiatrician, the Doctor, business, No. 8, Art. 747, 1953.

V. A. Solovyova.