ROZENBLYUM Alexander Samoylovich

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ROZENBLYUM Alexander Samoylovich (1826 — 1903) — the domestic infectiologist and the psychiatrist.

ROZENBLYUM Alexander Samoylovich

In 1849 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. Worked as the doctor of typhus hospital of military department in Mogilev (1849 — 1856), then the city doctor of Odessa (1858). In 1859 — 1863 the hydrotherapist and the psychiatrist of the private resort Klein — Libental (Odessa). From 1864 to 1887 was the manager of psychiatric department of the Odessa municipal hospital.

A.S. Rozenblyum for the first time in the history of medicine imparted with the medical purpose a typhinia to 12 insane and achieved a positive take (1874 — 1875). Thanks to its opening further by Yu. Wagner-Yauregg stated a hypothesis of beneficial influence of feverish states on the course of psychoses, infectious therapy is developed general paralysis (see).

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