ROYTBAK Alexander Ilyich

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ROYTBAK Alexander Ilyich (sort. in 1919) — the Soviet physiologist, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968).

ROYTBAK Alexander Ilyich

Kiev medical in-t (1941) ended the 1st. Pupil I. S. Beri-tashvili. Since 1944 works in Ying-that physiology with it. I. S. Beritashvi - whether AN of the Georgian SSR, since 1956 the Dr.Sci.Biol., since 1960 professor and the manager. laboratory of general physiology of a cerebral cortex. Along with 1957 gives a course of lectures on an electrophysiology in Tbilisi state un-those.

The author more than 200 scientific works in the field of neurophysiology. On the basis of oscillographic studying of electric fields of a cerebral cortex, electric reactions of its separate cells and changes of ion concentration of potassium in intercellular space A. I. Roytbak proved the postsynaptic nature of electric potentials of dendritic shoots and participation of a neuroglia in an origin of long negative potentials of a cerebral cortex. To them it is shown that rhythmic electric irritation of bark it is possible to create in it the center of excitement — dominant (see); the assumption of participation of nonspecific kernels of a thalamus in the mechanism of fading of conditioned reflexes is made; the hypothesis of the mechanism of development of conditioned reflexes is offered, according to a cut myelination of axons of cortical neurons is the cornerstone of formation of temporary bonds.

Under the leadership of A. I. Roytbak 12 candidate and 6 doctoral dissertations are executed. It is a member of the International organization of a research of a brain (IBRO) and editorial boards of Neyrofiziologiya magazines (Kiev) and «Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis» (Party of Russian Taxpayers).

«Sign of Honour», is awarded the order by the Certificate of honor of the Supreme Council of GSSR and medals.

Works: About the bioelectric phenomena in bark of the big hemispheres arising at her direct irritation and at peripheral irritations, a yew., Tbilisi, 1954; The bioelectric phenomena in bark of big hemispheres, p.1, Tbilisi, 1955; Changes of the eclipse period of motor reaction in connection with phases of breath, Dokl. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, t. 136, No. 6, page 1498, 1961 (sovm. with other); The analysis of the electric phenomena in bark of big hemispheres during the fading of orientative and conditioned reflexes, in book: Electroencephalograph, issled. vyssh. nervn. deyateln., under the editorship of G. D. Smirnov, page 87, M., 1962; Slow negative potentials of bark and a neuroglia, in book: Sovr. probl. fiziol. and patol. nervn. sist., under the editorship of V. P. Larin, page 68, M., 1965; Hypothesis of the mechanism of formation of temporary bonds, Dokl. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, t. 187, No. 5, page 1205, 1969; Physiology of a neuroglia, in book: The general fiziol. nervn. sist., under the editorship of P. G. Kostiuk and A. I. Roytbak, page 607, L., 1979.

A. N. Bakuradze.