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ROVINSKY Ksavery (Rowinski Ksawery, sort. in 1904) — the Polish radiologist and the organizer of health care. Professor (1948), academician of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1969), foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969), member of the Polish United Labour Party.


Ended medical f-t Poznan un-that in 1928, worked at department of radiology of the same un-that, specialized on X-ray radiology in Vienna. In 1933 — 1942 — the doctor of cardiological clinic and the head of the laboratory of radiodiagnosis organized by it in-tse St. Lavrenti in Warsaw, in 1945 — 1950 — the manager. in-volume of radiology of medical academy in Gdansk. Since 1951 directs the department of pediatric radiology of academy of medical sciences created by it in Warsaw and at the same time (1950 — 1960) — the director of the department of the higher education and science of the Ministry of Health, since 1960 — the deputy secretary, and since 1964 — the secretary of department of medical sciences and the member of Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

K. Rovinsky is the author of St. 150 scientific works on pediatrics, X-ray radiology, the organization of medical science and health care, problems of education, history of medicine. It published the management «Radiodiagnosis of effects of an injury» (1958); under its edition there was a textbook «Pediatric Radiodiagnosis» (1971). He for the first time in the Party of Russian Taxpayers applied elektrokimografichesky, tomographic and angiokardiografichesky methods of a research in pediatric cardiological clinic, in particular used side tomograms.

It is awarded by the Officer cross, the Award of revival of Poland and the award Banner of Work.

Works: Diagnostyka rentgenowska nastepstw urazow, Podstawy techniki i taktyki, Warszawa, 1958; Rentgenodiagnostyka pediat-ryczna, Warszawa, 1971 (sovm. with other).

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