ROTH Vladimir Karlovic

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ROTH Vladimir Karlovic (1848 — 1916) — the domestic neuropathologist.

MOUTH Vladimir Karlovic

Ended Moscow un-t in 1871 and it was left for preparation for scientific activity in laboratories A. To I. Bab cinchona and I. F. Klein. Since 1873 worked in clinic of nervous diseases of A. Ya. Kozhevnikov.

B. K. Roth together with A. Ya. Kozhevnikov, S. S. Korsakov. G. I. Ros-solimo, etc. created the Moscow school of neuropathologists and psychiatrists. In 1877 — 1879 V. K. Roth trained in clinics and laboratories of Paris, Berlin, Vienna. In 1881 — 1890 would be an intern Staro-Ekaterininskoy in Moscow where organized the first city department of nervous diseases and school for feldsheritsa.

In 1895 about muscular to tabes V. K. Roth received degree of the doctor of medicine of honoris causa and a rank of extraordinary professor for work. From 1902 to 1911 was ordinary, and then honored professor of department of nervous diseases Moscow un-that. In 1911, expressing a protest against activity of the imperial minister of education Kasso, left university.

V. K. The mouth published more than 30 scientific works. He allocated separate forms of the muscular atrophies and spinal symptom complexes which are followed by an atrophy of muscles, described a wedge, a picture of defeat of gray matter of a spinal cord and specified symptoms of a myelosyringosis, allocated the special form of neuralgia on a hip (meralgia paraesthetica) carrying the name of a disease of Roth (see. Roth disease ), developed differential diagnosis of an organic and functional hemiplegia.

V. K. Roth was one of founders and many years Ob-va of neuropathologists and psychiatrists in Moscow, the editor of «Magazine of neuropathology and psychiatry of S. S. Korsakov», one of organizers National un-that L. A. Shanyavsky in Moscow, Neurologic in-that of A. Ya. Kozhevnikov consisted the chairman. He was the first propagandist of establishment of public sanatoria for nervous patients. Actively participated in Pirogovsky's work about-va and Pirogovsky congresses, and also a number of the international congresses of doctors. The famous neuropathologists, including E. K. Sepp and V. V. Kramer were V. K. Roth's pupils.

Works: Question of a side amyotrophic sclerosis and its relation to a progressive atrophy of muscles, M., 1884; Nosografichesky review of progressive muscular atrophies, M., 1887; To a symptomatology of a spinal gliomatosis, M., 1887; To diagnosis of a spinal gliomatosis, M., 1890; To pathology of a great brain, M., 1890; About a myxedema and its treatment, M., 1893; Muscular tabes, M., 1895; Meralgia paraesthetica, Medical obozr., t. 43, KA 7, page 678, 1895; Public care about nervous patients, Kiev, 1907.

Bibliography: Arkhangelsk G. V. Vladimir Karlovic Roth, Zhurn. neuropath. and psikhiat., t. 66, century 11, page 1715, 1966; Lisitsyn Yu. P., A. Ya. Kozhevnikov and Moscow school of neuropathologists, page 167, M., 1961; Muratov V. V. K. Roth's memories, Works wedge, nervn. Bol. and nevrol. in-that imper. Mosk. un-that, century 1, page Y, M., 1916.