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ROSITSKY Bogumir (Rosicky Bohumir, sort. in 1922) — the Czechoslovak parasitologist, the academician, the vice-president of Czechoslovak academy of Sciences (1970), the statesman: foreign member of the Bulgarian and Polish academies of Sciences.


In 1948 ended naturalists' Karlov's f-t un-that in Prague.

Since 1954 the manager. parasitological department Central biological in-that. In 1962 Ying t Giya's parasitologist of Czechoslovak academy of Sciences organized and headed. Since 1980 the director Ying-that hygiene and epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of ChSSR.

B. Rositsky is the author of St. 200 works, including the manuals and monographs devoted to studying of zoogeography and a systematics of fleas, other arthropods. It described new types arthropod and mammal. One of the first among the European scientists B. Rositsky creatively developed the doctrine E. N. Pavlovsky about a natural ochagovost of diseases; organized and headed expeditions to the different districts of Czechoslovakia, Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, etc. where studied anthropogenous impact on the natural centers of diseases, and also patterns of circulation of activators and ecology of carriers and carriers of causative agents of diseases.

B. Rositsky is the active figure of WHO — the expert on a zoonosis and the head of the regional center for ecology and distribution of ixodic mites. Was the president of the III International akarologichesky congress (Prague, 1976). The hl is. editor of the Folia parasitologica magazine. Deputy of the Czech national council and member of his presidium. Got the State award of Clement Gotvald twice — for studying of structure of the natural centers of diseases in Czechoslovakia (1954) and for researches on an adiaspiromikoz (1972). For merits in the field of biological sciences it is awarded a gold medal of G. Mendel and other awards.

Works: Classification of carriers in the natural centers of transmissible diseases, Czechoslovak biol., t. 2, No. 1, page 32, 1953; Blechy-aphaniptera, Praha, 1957; Vysledky vyzkumu pfirodni ohniskovosti klistove encefalitidy ve Slovinsku, Cs. Biol., sv. 7, s. 473, 1958; On the structure and development of elementary foci on infections in cultivated areas, in book: Advanc. biol. sciences, ed. by I. Malek, p. 134, Praha, 1962; The Comparative sketch of horizontal and vertical structure of some natural centers of a tick-borne encephalitis in Central and Southeast Europe, Medical parazitol., t. 32, No. 1, page 29, 1963; Natural focality of poultry hematodoses in Czechoslovakia, Praha, 1974 (sovm. with other); Agrasid ticks (Agrasidae, Ixodoidea) of Czechoslovakia, Praha, 1976 (sovm. with &Dusbbek F.).

Bibliography: The academician Bogumir Rositsky (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Medical parazitol., t. 60, No. 3, page 89, 1982.

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