ROSE TREES Vladimir Nikolaevich

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ROSE TREES Vladimir Nikolaevich (1872 — 1934) — the Soviet surgeon, professor (1931).

ROSE TREES Vladimir Nikolaevich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1896. During the Russian-Japanese war (1904 — 1905) there was the senior surgeon and the representative 1st a dignity. group of Moscow. Would work in Old and Ekaterina's. In 1910 with Soldatenkovskaya's opening-tsy (nowadays-tsa of S. P. Botkin) organized and headed her surgical department. V. N. Rozanov was one of the leading Soviet surgeons, possessed the first-class surgical equipment. He took active part in V. I. Lenin's treatment. In 1927 N. Rozanov would organize in advanced training courses of doctors on surgery, since 1931 managed department of surgery in Central in-those improvements of doctors.

V. N. Rozanov is the author of the St. 40 printing works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of surgery of a large intestine, including development of methods of a cecectomy at malignant new growths, surgical treatment of appendicitis and functional frustration of the bauginiyevy gate; it also developed questions of the organization of the help to wounded soldiers, retraining of disabled veterans, technology of prosthetics, etc. Since 1930 it was a member of board Narkomzdrava of RSFSR, was a founder and the editor of the Modern Surgery magazine, the associate editor of Soviet Surgeon and Bulletin of Surgery and Bordering Limits magazines, and also 1 prod. BME.

One of the first doctors it is awarded by the Order of Lenin (1933).

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A. N. Shabanov.