ROSENBERG Nikolay Konstantinovich

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ROSENBERG Nikolay Konstantinovich (1876 — 1933) — the Soviet infectiologist, professor (1921).

ROSENBERG Nikolay Konstantinovich

In 1899 ended VMA. In the beginning worked at department of eye diseases at L. G. Bellyarminov, and then highly infectious diseases at N. Ya. Chistovich. In 1901 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject: «Experimental materials to the doctrine about otravny inflammations of an optic nerve and retina». Served in military hospitals. Since 1911 worked at department of highly infectious diseases of VMA. In 1915 participated in fight against epidemics in the Caucasus and in Iran, and in 1916 — in Turkestan. Since 1921 professor of department of infectious diseases State in-that medical knowledge (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t). From 1923 to 1929 the vice rector of it in-that. Along with 1924 professor of department of infectious diseases of VMA.

N. K. Rosenberg published St. 50 scientific works. He in detail studied and described clinic of a sapropyra, flu, a pathogeny of a typhinia, tetanus, a malignant anthrax, offered methods of treatment of cholera, investigated pathophysiological disturbances at nek-ry inf. diseases, dealt with issues of immunity and an anaphylaxis. Its textbook «Infectious Diseases with Fundamentals of Epidemiology» which did not lose value so far is of the greatest value.

S. V. Viskovsky, I. D. Ionin, V. P. Petrov, etc. were his pupils.

Works: Experimental materials to the doctrine about otravny inflammations of an optic nerve and retina, a yew., SPb., 1901; Clinic of a sapropyra, Doctor, business, No. 12-20, Art. 520, 1920; To an etiology of wound tetanus, Works of 8th Vseros. congress tank-teriol., epid. and dignity. doctors, page 629, JI., 1925; Clinic of flu, Doctor, gas., No. 8, Art. 575, No. 9, Art. 663, 1931; Morphology and dynamics of sepses, Owls. doctor, gas., No. 1-2, Art. 5, 1933; Infectious diseases with fundamentals of epidemiology * M. — L., 1934 (with the assistance of Viskovsky S. V.).

Bibliography: Lyskovtsev M. M. About N. K. Rosenberg and I. Ya. Vinokurov's priority in the description of an enantema at a sapropyra, Zhurn. mikr., epid. and to them-mun., No. 6, page 138, 1967; Nikolay Konstantinovich Rosenberg, Zhurn. wedge, medical, t. 12, Lz 6, page 949, 1934.

I. I. Rogozin.