ROMODANOV Andrey Petrovich

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ROMODANOV Andrey Petrovich (sort. in 1920) — the Soviet neurosurgeon, the academician of AMH (1974), zasl. scientist of USSR, Hera of Socialist Work (1980). The member of the CPSU since 1952, the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR of the 10th convocation. A. I. Arutyunov's pupil.

ROMODANOV Andrey Petrovich

In 1942 ended Kiev medical in-t, evacuated to Chelyabinsk. During the Great Patriotic War served as the surgeon in field army. From 1946 to 1950 worked in Kiev psychoneurological in-those; since 1950 the manager. children's department Kiev in-that neurosurgery. In 1951 the deputy director in-that on scientific work, and in 1964 — his director was appointed. In 1963 protected dokt. thesis.

A. P. Romodanov author of St. 260 scientific works, W. h 11 monographs, under his edition 14 volumes of scientific works on neurosurgery left. It possesses basic researches on diagnosis and surgical treatment of a craniocereberal injury, tumoral and vascular diseases of a brain and epilepsy, and also work on surgical treatment of traumatic granulomas of a brain and tumors of a head and spinal cord at children.

And. P. Romodanov — hl. the neurosurgeon of M3 of USSR, the head of school of neurosurgeons in Ukraine, under his management more than 60 doctors and candidates of science are prepared.

A. P. Romodanov is the member of Presidium of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny and the chairman of Ukrainian scientific about-in neurosurgeons, the editor-in-chief redotdet «Neurosurgery» of BME, the associate editor of Questions of Neurosurgery and Clinical Surgery magazines. It is a member of executive committee of the European association of neurosurgeons, the honorary member Ob-va of neurosurgeons of X. Cushing (S1PA)G Czechoslovak scientific about-va Ya. Purkinye, and also Yugoslavian, Portuguese-Spanish, Scandinavian and others about-in neurosurgeons.

A. P. Romodanov is the member of presidium of council about-va USSR — France and the chairman of his Ukrainian department.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, awards of Patriotic war of I and II degrees, an award of the Labour Red Banner, two awards of the Red Star, a gold sign of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League and All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions «Mentor of youth». Winner of the State award USSR (1978).

Works: Traumatic granulomas of a brain, Kiev, 1955; Tumours of a brain at children, a yew., Kiev, 1962; Brain hemorrhagic stroke, Kiev, 1971 (sovm. with Pedachenko G. A.); Metastatic tumors of a brain, Kiev, 1973 (sovm. with other); Vascular pathology of a head and spinal cord, Bibliography of domestic literature of 1917 — 1970, Kiev, 1973 (sovm. with Rudyak K. E.); Tumors of a spinal cord, Kiev, 1976 (sovm. with other); Sarcomas of a brain, M., 1977 (sovm. with other); Atlas of topical diagnosis of diseases of a nervous system, Kiev, 1979 (sovm. with other); Tumours of a head and spinal cord, the Bibliographic index of domestic literature of 1962 — 1979, p.1 — 2, Kiev, 1980 (sovm. with Rudyak K. E.); Acute disorders of cerebral circulation, Kiev, 1980 (sovm. with Pedachenko G. A.).

Bibliography: Andrey Petrovich Romodanov (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Vopr. neyrokhir., No. 6, page 58, 1980; To the Member box-respondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of the prof. A. P. Ro-modanov — 50 years, Klin, hir., No. 1, page 88, 1971.

Yu. A. Zozulya.