ROMANOVSKY Dmitry Leonidovich

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ROMANOVSKY Dmitry Leonidovich (1861 — 1921) — the domestic therapist and the infectiologist.

ROMANOVSKY Dmitry Leonidovich

In 1886 graduated from Army medical college. Worked as the therapist in military hospitals of St. Petersburg. Since 1889 the senior assistant to clinic of internal diseases at M. I. Afanasyev, since 1908 professor St. Petersburg clinical in-that for improvement of doctors.

The main scientific merit of D. L. Romanovsky is development of a new effective method of coloring of blood and the parasites who are in it, to-ry them was described in dokt. theses «To a question of parasitology and therapy of marsh fever» (1891). This method represents development of the method of double staining applied by the domestic doctor Ch. I. Hentsinsky (1889). The essence of a method of D. L. Romanovsky (Romanovsky's effect, or Romanovsky's principle) is in what methylene blue in combination with the acid eosine (giving usually pink coloring of cytoplasm) paints cellular kernels in intensive krasnofioletovy, and cytoplasm — in blue color. Use of this method allowed D. L. Romanovsky to study a detailed structure of the causative agent of malaria, to find its kernel, to describe morfol. changes of plasmodiums at influence of quinine and to install the mechanism of its specific action on the causative agent of malaria, and also to formulate (to P. Ehrlich) philosophy of chemotherapy inf. diseases in general and malaria in particular (etiotropic and organotropic influence). The method of coloring offered by D. L. Romanovsky was widely adopted in various fields of biology and medicine, hl. obr. in modification of the German researcher G. Giemsa — see. Romanovsky — Gimza a method . It is applied to diagnosis of parasitic diseases, studying of processes of a hemopoiesis, cellular immunity, diseases of system of blood, and also in the general cytology, histology and a histopathology.

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