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ROLLIE August (Rollier Auguste, 1874 — 1954) — the Swiss phthisiatrician, the assistant T. Kokhera, member-korr.frantsuzsky National academy of medicine.

ROLLE August

Since 1903 worked at the Swiss climatic resort of Leyzene, since 1928 — honorary professor un-that in Lausanne.

O. Rollye belongs about 100 works devoted to development of the direction new for those times in phthisiology according to which bone tuberculosis was considered not as an independent disease, and as local display of tuberculosis. As a new medical factor of O. Rollye applied to increase in protective forces of an organism of the patient radiation of all his body by the sun irrespective of localization of kostnotuberkulezny process. Attaching great value to therapeutic action of all solar range he developed an original technique of use of heliation, exempting the patient from plaster bandages and a corset, giving it situation with unloading of the struck body. Efficiency of a new method promoted creation in Leyzena of the large Center of heliation of bone and joint tuberculosis under the general scientific guide of O. Rollye. His merit was also use of labor processes as medical factor at this disease.

For use of methods gelio-and work therapies it organized a special look sanatorium — Clinique Manufacture. Attaching great value to prevention of bone tuberculosis, O. Rollye organized in mountains, near Leyzen, «Solar school» («ecole au sole i») for the weakened children, in a cut for increase in protective forces of an organism occupations in the open air, gymnastics, sport were used.

O. Rollye was the honorary member of a row medical about-in Switzerland, France and England.

Works: Die Heliotherapie der Tuberkulose, V., 1913; Treatment by the sun of surgical tuberculosis, the lane with fr., Pg., 1923; Die Heliotherapie, Miinchen — V., 1951.