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ROCHE-LIM Enrique (Rocha-Lima Henrique da, 1879 — 1956) — the Brazilian pathologist, one of founders of the modern doctrine about rickettsiae.


From 1910 to 1928 headed department of pathological anatomy and immunology of Institute of ship and tropical diseases in Hamburg, further moved to Brazil and directed Biological institute in San Paulo.

Allocated E. Roche-Lim rickettsiae (see) in independent group of microorganisms. Before its works for 1909 — 1914 a number of researchers [G. Rikkets and Wilder (R. M of Wilder), 1910; S. Provachek, 1914; E. Serzhan, Folya and Vialatt (N. of Foley, Ch. Vialatte), 1914] found in went. - kish. a path of the infected louses peculiar ovoidny and rhabdoid educations. These finds, however, did not resolve a question of the causative agent of a typhus. It was found out that similar educations can be found also in not infected louses. In 1915 — 1916 E. Roche-Lim, continuing in Hamburg the studying of the typhous activator begun with it together with S. Provachek at the infected louses, established its characteristic intracellular localization (reproduction in an epithelium of a stomach of louses) that distinguishes the typhous activator from educations, similar to it, at not infected louses, in detail studied it and called Rickettsia prowazeki rickettsia. In 1917 — 1918 in experiences on Guinea pigs of E. Roche-Lim for the first time successfully carried out safety a typhous infection inoculations by means of an inactivated vaccine from the rickettsiae which are saved up in a stomach of the infected louses, having shown at the same time harmlessness of a vaccine for the person. E. Roche-Lim it is known also for works on problems of yellow fever, American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease) and to zymonematoses.

Works: Zur Atiologie des Fleckfiebers, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 1353, 1916; Die Schutzim-pfung gegen Fleckfieber, Med. Klin., S. 1147, 1917; Rickettsien, Handb. path. Mikroorgan., hrsg. v. W. Kolle u. a., Bd 3, T. 2, S. 1347, Jena u. a., 1931.

Bibliography: Zdrodovsky P. F. and Golinevich E. M. The doctrine about rickettsiae and rickettsioses, page 7, M., 1972.

P.F. Zdrodovsky.