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RIKKETS Howard (Ricketts Howard Taylor, 1871 — 1910) — the American microbiologist.


In 1894 ended un-t in the State of Nebraska, and in 1897 medical college of Severo - Western un-that. Since 1899 the associate professor, since 1902 professor of pathological anatomy in Chicago un-those.

In 1901 — 1902 trained in medical institutions of Vienna, Berlin, Paris.

G. Rikkets one of the first beginnings to study group inf. diseases, activators to-rykh in his honor according to the offer E. Roche-Lima are called rickettsiae (see), and diseases — rickettsioses (see). A special merit of G. Rikkets is clarification of an etiology, epidemiology and immunology of spotty fever of the Rocky Mountains. He, in particular, proved that blood of patients with spotty fever of the Rocky Mountains contains bakteriopodobny microorganisms, showed a possibility of eksiyerimentalny reproduction of an infection at pigs and monkeys at infection with their blood of patients. It was found out by it that mites of Dermacentor andersoni catch as a result of a krovososaniye on sick pigs and gain ability to transfer disease-producing factors to healthy animals at a krovososaniye, and also the possibility of transovarial transfer of contagiums is revealed by mites. G. Rikkets identified the activator found in the infected mites, having anticipated modern diagnosis of rickettsioses. The causative agent of spotty fever of the Rocky Mountains opened for them received further the name Rickettsia rickettsi (E. Brumpt, 1922). For 1909 — 1910 together with Wilder (R. M of Wilder) he undertook studying of a sapropyra in Mexico. These works were not finished since G. Rikkets died, having caught a sapropyra.

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