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RIGA MEDICAL INSTITUTE The Ministries of Health of the Latvian SSR are founded on June 10, 1950 on the basis of medical faculty of the Latvian state university, is the first scientific medical center in Latvia. For medical f-t it was open in 1919, incorporated to lay down. and stomatol. departments (pharmacists were prepared on pharmaceutical department chemical f-that). Most of scientists f-that belonged to nauchnomeditsinsky schools of the St. Petersburg VMA, the Moscow, Kiev and Tartu high fur boots (K. K. Baron, M. B. Zyl, V. N. Klimenko, R. P. Krimberg, P. M. Sniker, etc.).

In R. of m and. five f-tov: medical, dental (1950), pharmaceutical (1951), pediatric (1966), f-t of improvement of doctors and pharmacists (1962). In-that are a part: central research laboratory (1963), problem laboratory of clinical biochemistry of infectious diseases (1961) and 4 industry research laboratories. There are a postgraduate study and a wedge, an internship with internal and correspondence departments.

In in-those studies apprx. 3000 students (1983). Reception of 1980 made 478 people; the release of 1981 — 482 people, including on to lay down. they are 292, dental — 74, pediatric — 48, pharmaceutical — the 68th persons.

In-that works at 50 departments 381 teachers, from them 48 doctors, 206 candidates of science (1983). In the scientific sector 197 research associates, from them 13 doctors and 91 candidates of science (1981) work. Among scientists there is in-that academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences V. V. Kanep, the academician of AN of Latv. SSR A. F. Blyuger, member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences V. K. Kalnberz. The big contribution to development in-that was made the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences E. M. Burtnek (the rector, 1950 — 1958), the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences academician of AN of Latv. P. Ya. Stradyn's SSR, member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences academician of AN of Latv. SSR A. A. Schmidt, member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences M. L. Belenky, academician of AN of Latv. SSR Hera of Socialist Work A. M. Kirkhenstein, academician of AN of Latv. P. Ya. Gerke's SSR, member correspondent of AN of Latv. SSR Ya. E. Mickelson, professors K. E. Balodis, A. P. Biyezin, Ya. M. Bune, A. F. Lepukaln, Ya. K. Mayzite, A. N. Machabeli, K. K. Rudzit, etc.

Anatomic case of the Riga medical institute.

Educational bases in-that are 4 republican, 9 city BCs of Riga, the Latvian scientific research institute of traumatology and orthopedics, the Museum of history of medicine of P. Stradynya and other healthcare institutions. At the disposal of students — the library numbering St. 350 thousand volumes, the museums (anatomic, pathological anatomy, oncology), the gym and sports center, the hostel (2 cases).

R.'s scientists of m and. complex scientific research together with AN of Latv is conducted. SSR on problems of allied value, within SEV and under Soviet American agreement (development of problems of surgical treatment of inborn heart diseases).

Scientists in-that made the significant contribution to development of questions of management of health care using mathematical methods and computer facilities, in the theory and practice of NOTES in health care. Systems of diagnosis of rheumatism on the basis of the COMPUTER are created, the principles of automation of processes of diagnosis of malignant new growths are developed and implemented, the Australian (HB8) antigen is investigated, it is created virus immuno - the genetic concept of acute and chronic hepatitises, the epidemiology, early diagnosis and treatment of nonspecific diseases of lungs are developed, the theory of a pathogeny of defeats of bilious ways and an original technique of gastroduodenal sounding is created by the spiral two-channel probe, the method of an intragastric rn-metriya is implemented, the thermoluminescent Telde dosimeter is developed. R.'s scientists of m and. solve also problems of parenteral food, nephrology, a toksikoreanimation, a magnitobiology, study questions of history of medicine, etc. Merits in development of scientific problems belong to professors G. N. Andreyev, N. A. Andreyev, A.S. Bergman, to Ya. V. Vol-kolakov, Ya. K. Gauyen, D. A. Kal-velis, V. A. Kalberg (the rector from 1958 to 1963), to V. A. Korzan (the rector since 1963), to I. R. Lazovsky, V. R. Purmalis, V. V. Utkin, G. I. Enin, etc. Only for 1976 — 1980 scientists in-that made 774 improvement suggestions, 119 affirmative answers on the declared inventions are received; 7630 scientific works, including 23 monographs and 24 textbooks are published; in practice of health care are implemented apprx. 500 recommendations. Three employees they are winners of the State award USSR (A. A. Schmidt, Ya. V. Volkolakov, M. P. Mitrofanov), 35 employees — winners of the State award of Latv. SSR.

In R. of m and. three specialized councils for reception to protection of master's and doctoral dissertations are created. For 1952 — 1980 88 doctor's and 422 master's theses are protected.

In in-those the club of international friendship, club of young Marxists, sports club and other public organizations work student's scientific about-in. Being R. students of m and., Olympic champions became I. Yaunzema and O. Antropov. To institute national chorus «Riga» the Honorary title of honored collective of Latv is given. SSR.

Bibliography: Health care of the Soviet Latvia, under the editorship of V. V. Kanep, page 85, Riga, 1978.

V. A. Korzan.