RICOR Philipp

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RICOR Philipp (Ricord Philippe, 1800 — 1889) — the French doctor, one of founders of scientific venereology.

RIKOR Philip

Got a medical education in England and France. Since 1831 the Midi would work in Parisian. He proved (by experiments in public) that gonorrhea (see) and syphilis (see) are different diseases and by that struck final blow to the unitary theory (see. Venereology ). Established that the acquired syphilis begins with a chancre; distinguished primary, secondary and tertiary displays of syphilis; described damage of internals and c. N of page in the late period of syphilis; noted that at syphilis specific remedies — mercury and iodine are effective, to-rye have no effect at other venereal diseases. F.Rikor developed the program of prevention of syphilis and fight against it. A. Fournier was his pupil.

F. Rikor was the Honorary Chairman of the First world dermatosifilidologichesky congress in Paris in 1889. The venereologic hospital in Paris is called by the name of Rikor, the award of his name is awarded by National academy of medicine (France) to authors of the best works on problems of syphilology.

Works: Traite pratique des maladies ve^-riennes, P., 1838; Lettres sur la syphilis, P., 1863.

Bibliography: Dr Philippe Ricord, Lancet, v. 2, p. 882, 1889; Philippe Ricord (1800 — 1889) syphilographer, J. Amer. med. Ass., v. 211, p. 115, 1970.