RICHTER Wilhelm Micheilowitsch

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RICHTER Wilhelm Micheilowitsch (1767 — 1822) — the domestic obstetrician and the historian of medicine.

RICHTER Wilhelm Micheilowitsch

Got a medical education in Moscow, and then Erlangensk high fur boots. Protected dokt. the thesis on «About the Nature of Bile and about Its Salt Beginning» (1788). It was improved in obstetrics in clinics of Germany, Holland, France and England. In 1790 it was appointed professor of department of povivalny art Moscow un-that, to-ruyu headed till 1819. In 1806 .on Povivalny also headed in-t with maternity hospital (actually the Moscow's first specialized obstetric institution) at Moscow un-those. It allowed V. M. Richter of a message teaching obstetrics in a wedge, conditions. At the same time (1801 — 1807) V. M. Richter was the director of Povivalny founded by it at the Moscow educational house in-that, in Krom conducted training of midwives of the theory and practice of obstetrics. In 1810 it was elected the president fiziko-medical about-va at Moscow un-those, directed the edition of «The medicophysical magazine».

V. M. Richter possesses 24 compositions which part is published on Latin, and a part in the Russian and German languages; among its works there are guides to obstetrics, observations from practice, a research about the Russian national remedies and the fundamental work «History of Medicine in Russia» which came out at first in German (1813 — 1817), and then (1814 — 1820) translated into Russian. It was the Russia's first detailed work on history of medicine since ancient times until the end of 18 century.

Works: Experimenta et cogitata circa bilis naturam, inprimis eius principium salinum, diss., Erlangae, 1788; The Management to povivalny art based on the latest experiences, M., 1801, 1840; The Word about an initial origin, gradual reduction in perfection and excellent advantage of povivalny art, M., 1801; Synopsis praxis medico-obstetriciae, Mos-quae, 1810; Geschichte der Medicin in Russ-land, Bd 1 — 3, Moskau, 1813 — 1817 (pyc. lane, M., 1814 — 1820).

Bibliography: Dobronravov P. N. Department of obstetrics and gynecology of V. F. Snegirev, in book: Sketches on history I Mosk. Orders of Lenin medical in-that, page 552, M., 1959; Kolosov M. A. Wilhelm Mikhaylovich Richter, Russian wedge., t. 13, No. 69, page 3, 1930; Richter Wilhelm Micheilowitsch, in book: The biographer, the dictionary of professors and to teach. imp. Mosk. un-that, p. 2, page 351, M., 1855.

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