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RICHET Charles (Richet Charles, 1850 — 1935) — the French physiologist and the allergist, the doctor of science (1878), professor (1887), the member fr. National Academy of medicine (1898) and the Parisian Academy of Sciences (1914), the president of the Parisian Academy of Sciences (since 1933), the Nobel Prize laureate (1913).

RIShE Charles

Having ended in 1877 medical f-t Parisian un-that, it was left at department of physiology as the assistant, from 1887 to 1927 directed department of physiology. It dokt. the thesis is devoted to pilot and clinical trial of sensitivity.

Sh. Richet is the author of a set of publications, including a number of monographs on various questions of normal and pathological physiology and experimental pathology. The circle of its scientific interests is wide. Its works on physiology of a brain, digestion, thermal control, sensitivity, psychology and parapsychology, organic chemistry, a serology and its use at treatment of infectious diseases are known, to laboratory business, medical statistics. Studying processes of thermal control, gas exchange and breath, it considerably improved technique of calorimetric researches (1885). It formulated in 1888 the concept «oroimmunity». Sh. Richet opened in a gastric juice of mammals and the person presence of hydrochloric acid (1878). In 1902 Sh. Richet together with P. Portier described the phenomenon anaphylaxis (see). The «anaphylaxis passive» and «anaphylaxis of in vitro» forms are allocated to them. For these works in 1913 it is conferred the Nobel Prize on physiology and medicine.

Sh. Richet is known as the writer, the poet, the speaker, the publisher and the editor of special editions, including such as «Dictionnaire Physiologie», «Journal de Physiologie et de Pathologie generale», «Revue scientifique».

Sh. Richet was a member of a number of medical science foundations and associations.

Works: Recherches experimental et clini-ques sur la sensibilite, P., 1877; Structure des circonvolutions cerebrales, P., 1878; Physiologie des muscles et des nerfs, P., 1882; L’homme et Intelligence, P., 1887; Physiologie, Travaux du laboratoire, t. 1 — 5, P., 1893 — 1902; L’anaphylaxie, P., 1911, 1930; Apologie de la biologie, P., 1929.

Bibliography: B i n e t L. L’ 61oge de Charles Richet h l’Academie de medecine, Sem. Hop. Inform., t. 7, p. 32, 1968; Gautrelet J. A mon maitre Charles Richet, Medecine, t. 17, p. 677, 1936; Les prix Nobel en 1913, p. 59, Stockholm, 1914.

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