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RIBULOSE (synonym: an eritro-pentuloza, an arabinuloza, a riboketoza, an araboketoza) — the monosaccharide relating to ketopentoses. Phosphoric ethers P. are important intermediate products of exchange of carbohydrates (see. Carbohydrate metabolism ). In a free look R. in the nature is not found, in microorganisms, cells of plants, animal, including and the person, it meets in the form of mono - and diphosphates. An intermediate product of a pentozny cycle is ribulozo-5-phosphate, to-ry is formed as a result of oxidizing decarboxylation phosphogluconic to - you and then are isomerized in ribozo-5-phosphate or ksilulozo-5-phosphate. On a structure the molecule P. is similar to a molecule riboses (see), but contains ketogroup at the second carbon atom.

See also Monosaccharides .

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