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REYNAUD Maurice (Raynaud Maurice, 1834 — 1881) — the French doctor, the member of the French National academy of medicine (1879).


Got a medical education in Paris. In 1862 defended the dissertation on a subject: «Local asphyxia of N symmetric gangrene of extremities», worked as the hospital doctor, and then the teacher for medical f-those Parisian un-that. For works «De Asclepi-ado, Bithyno, with medico ac phylosopho» and «Doctors of times of Molière» M. Reynaud was awarded an academic degree of the doctor of philosophy. Became history of medicine as the author of the symptom complex described by it, after called a Raynaud's disease (see. Reynaud disease ). Its reports are known to Medical academy on subjects: «About an infection and the immunizing vaccines» and «About saliva of the child who died from tetanus».

Works: De l’asphyxie locale et de la gangrene symetrique des extremites, P., 1862; Sclerose en plaques et paralysie generale progressive, Gaz. hop. Paris, t. 54, p. 443, 1881.

Bibliography: Maurice Raynaud, Progr. med., t. 9, p. 552, 1881.

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