REYL Johann

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REYL Johann (Reil Johann Christian, 1759 — 1813) — the German anatomist, the physiologist and the clinical physician.

REYL Johann

Got a medical education in the Goettingen and Gallic high fur boots.

In 1782 to it degree of the doctor for the treatise «About Abundance of Bile» was awarded. Since 1787 professor Gallic un-that and at the same time (since 1788) the director of clinic. In 1810 headed departments ru clinical medicine in Berlin un-those.

I. Reyl one of the first (1796) conducted a comparative chemical research of a brain of the person and animal (calf). Its works formed a basis for development of comparative physiological chemistry. Big fame was gained by its work devoted to fever, in Krom it gave fiziol. an explanation of the disturbances of Activity of an organism which are observed at this state, described methods of treatment. In the book «About Vital Force» it developed the vitalistic concept of life activity. I. Reyl conducted anatomic researches of a brain, in particular a cerebellum. The island of a great brain, a circular furrow of an island, a triangle of a loop, a dolinka of a cerebellum, a medial and nozhkovy loop is called a name of I. Reyl. Studying of a brain, and also interest in the doctrine F. Galya induced I. Reyl to go in for psychiatry.

He put a lot of effort for the organization of psychiatric in-t in Halle and Berlin and published several works in the field of psychiatry.

Works: De polycholia, Halloe, [1782]; Memorabilia clinica medico-practica, fasc. 3, Halle, 1790 — 1793; Exercitationum anatomicarum fasciculus primus, de structura nervorum, Halloe, 1796; t)ber die Erkenn-tnis und Cur der Fieber, Bd 1 — 4, Halle, 1799 — 1805; Rhapsodien iiber die Anwen-dung der psychischen Curmethode auf Geisteszerruttungen, Halle, 1803; Fragmente liber die Bildung des kleinen Gehirns im Mensehen, Arch. Physiol., S. 1, 273, 385, 1807, S. 129, 1809; Entwurf einer allge-mein’en Pathologie, Bd 1 — 2, Halle, 1815 — 1816; Entwurf einer allgemeinen Therapie, Halle, 1816.

Bibliography: Lunkevich V. V. From Heraclitus to Darwin, t. 2, page 131, M., 1960; Neu'burger M. Johann Christian Reil, Stuttgart. 1913; Sudnoff K. Johann Christian Reil im Befreiungsjahre 1813, Miinch. med. Wschr., S. 2578, 1913.

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