REYER Karl Karlovic

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REYER Karl Karlovic (1846 — 1890) — the domestic surgeon, one of pioneers of antiseptics in Russia, the founder of school of sciences.

REYER Karl Karlovic

In 1870 ended medical f-t of Derptsky un-that. In 1872 protected dokt. the thesis about treatment of cholera. Working on the thesis, carried out 17 hemotransfusions, from them two vnutriarteri-alny. In 1872 — 1873 studied antiseptics in J. Lister and R. Folkmann's clinics. Since 1874 the associate professor of surgery of Derptsky un-that. Participant of three wars: French-Prussian (1870 — 1871), serbo - Montenegro-Turkish (1876), Russian-Turkish (1877 — 1878). Since 1878 the consultant-surgeon of military hospital in St. Petersburg and at the same time professor of the High female medical courses, and in 1883 — 1886 the manager. department Mariinsky-tsy. In 1890 professor of surgery of the Kiev university.

K. K. Reyer the author apprx. 60 printing works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of antiseptics, traumatology and orthopedics, field surgery. One of the first in Russia applied an antiseptic method at surgeries. In 1877 it for the first time successfully performed «safety and antiseptic treatment» of bullet wounds (primary surgical treatment, a constant drainage, a hermetic bandage) in field conditions. K. K. Reyer is the founder in domestic surgery of nailing by means of a metal core and an out-patient method of treatment of fractures of bones, the organizer of bone and joint sanatorium in Strelna. N. A. Velyaminov, F. K. Borngaupt, L were his pupils. V. Orlov.

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H. A. Oborin.