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REVERDEN Jacques (Reverdin Jacques Louis, 1842 — 1929) — the Swiss surgeon and the scientist.


Having ended medical f-t Parisian un-that in 1869, worked as R. Gyuyon's assistant. Participated in assistance to wounded in time free - Prussian war (1870 — 1871). For the thesis devoted to an internal urethrotomy was entitled (1870) the doctor of medicine, a bronze medal f-that and Sivial's award to Medical academy. Managed surgical department of cantonal hospital in Geneva. Since 1876 professor of the general and operational surgery medical f-that Geneva un-that.

Belongs to Zh. Reverden apprx. 70 printing works, including the first in the world literature work about a method of free skin transplantation, edge was conferred Amyuss's award to Medical academy. It was an important milestone in development of clinical transplantology. Zh. Re-verden laid the foundation for surgery of a thyroid gland, the first described a postoperative myxedema (1882) and entered the well-known reverdenovsky needle into practice, edges was modified by his cousin Augustus A. Reverdin and in such look was widely adopted.

Works: Greffe epidermique, Bull. Soc. imp. Chir., s. 2, p. 511, 1870; Myxoedeme con-secutif k l’extirpation totale ou partielle du corps thyroide, Rev. med. Suisse rom., t. 2, p. 539, 1882; Contribution k l’etude du myxoedeme consecutif h 1’extirpation totale ou partielle du corps thyroide, ibid., t. 7, p. 275, 318, 1887.

Bibliography: Mirsky M. B. Vklad Reverdena in transplantation and surgery, Surgery, No. 6, page 109, 1980.