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REVACCINATION (Latin re-the prefix meaning resuming, repetition, + fr. vaccination) — a repeated safety inoculation in the remote terms after vaccination.

In 1915 domestic scientific M. I. Raysky it was revealed that the greatest efficiency of inoculations is observed in that case when after primary vaccination (see) through more or less remote terms the vaccine is entered repeatedly. This phenomenon was studied afterwards by G. Ramone, P.F. Zdrodovsky, etc., revealed its main patterns. It is established, e.g., what after an initial inoculation in an organism of the vaccinated person (animal) occurs immunol. reorganization, as a result a cut is created so-called main immunity (see. Grundimmunitet ) to this antigen. After repeated administration of the same antigen to the person immunity at it begins to increase much earlier reaches higher rates, quicker, and more long term remains on a high level, than at primary immunization. Because R. can be effective only if it is carried out on the basis of already complete immunol. reorganizations of an organism, the interval between primary immunization and R. shall be rather long — generally from 1 year to 7 years. For each type of vaccination there is a certain optimum term of carrying out

R. R. allows to increase quickly level immunol. securities of the vaccinated population at threat of emergence of epidemic. It is used for the prevention of diseases at the people infected inf. a disease with a long incubation interval, napr, tetanus (naturally, earlier vaccinated). In this case sufficient tension of immunity is usually reached before development a wedge, displays of a disease, i.e. during an incubation interval.

Because after primary immunization there is not only an immunological reorganization of an organism, but also its sensitization (see. Sensitization ), R. against nek-ry inf. diseases (e.g., against a tularemia, a brucellosis, etc.) can cause the increased response of an organism, sometimes very strong.

See also Immunization , Immunity .

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