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RETRACTION OF LANGUAGE — the shift of a root of language to a back wall of a throat creating an obstacle for intake of air in a throat and a trachea can be a consequence of what asphyxia.

Prichina 3. I. there can be states when muscles of a mandible and language are relaxed that can occur at an anesthesia, a coma, deep shock, a bilateral change of a mandible. At 3. I. the emergency help for the purpose of recovery of passability of respiratory tracts is necessary.

During an anesthesia or during awakening after it the emergency help is given, throwing back the head by the maximum extension of a neck in an atlantooktsipitalny joint and promotions of a mandible back forward. If these actions do not give effect, then enter an air duct which is established between a root of language and a back wall of a throat.

At rendering the emergency help on site incidents, at to a coma (see), deep shock if there are no air ducts and devices for an intubation of a trachea, and promotion of a mandible forward and the maximum zaprokidyvaniye of the head is not liquidated by 3 back. I., language is extended from an oral cavity, taking its end fingers by means of a gauze napkin or a piece of any fabric, tongue forceps, bullet nippers. For the purpose of ensuring passability of respiratory tracts language can be fixed in the extended situation the tool, a pribintovyvaniye to a chin, underrunning of language with fixing of ligatures to a chin or a neck an adhesive plaster.

At bilateral changes of a mandible, as a rule, there are 3. I. owing to the shift of front bone fragment down and kzad. 3. I. in these cases liquidate a pulling it for a tip from an oral cavity with the subsequent comparison and fixing of fragments of a jaw.

Warn 3. I. a zaprokidyvaniye of the head back, promotion forward a mandible, introduction of an air duct or endotracheal tube, at a bilateral change of a mandible — extension of front fragment fingers or laying of the victim on a stomach, facedown.

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V. P. Lapshin.