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RETABOLIL (Retabolil; Deca-Durabolin, Eubolin, Normoretard, Nandroloni Decanoat, Nandrolone Decanoate) — steroid connection, a cut is used in medicine as medicine; possesses the longest anabolic action in comparison with other known derivatives of a 19-nortestosteron.

The river malotoksichen, against the background of strong and long-term anabolic effect renders insignificant androgenic, anti-oestrogenic and anti-gonadotropic action. The relation of anabolic activity to androgenic at R. is 10 — 12 times higher, than at testosterone of a dekanoat (see. Testosterone ). The expressed anabolic effect occurs in the first 3 days after R.'s injection, maximum — by 7th day after a single injection; duration of action after a single injection — not less than 3 weeks Zhiromobilizuyushchy action of R. is small.

Indications to use the same R., as for other anabolic steroids (see): the states proceeding with the phenomena of exhaustion in the preoperative and postoperative periods at radiation therapy, at acute and hron. infections, in a stage of reconvalescence after a serious illness, at gipotalamo-pituitary insufficiency, a toxic craw, etc. Duration of action and insignificant androgenic activity do R. especially convenient in pediatric practice. Smaller, than at other anabolic drugs, zhiromobilizuyushchy activity allows to apply R. without special fears at a diabetes mellitus. Positive takes of treatment of R. diabetic nefro-and retinopathies are noted.

Rubles enter intramusculary in the form of oil solution. A dose for adult 0,025 — 0,05 g (25 — 50 mg) once in 2 — 3 weeks; on a course to 8 — 10 injections. To children the drug is administered at the rate of 0,5 — at most 1 once in 3 — 4 weeks laid down on 1 kg of the weight (weight) of a body.

At patients with a diabetes mellitus at R.'s use the need for insulin in this connection regular control of concentration of glucose in blood and urine is necessary can decrease. R.'s incompatibility with other pharmaceuticals is not established.

Absolute contraindications to R.'s use the prostate cancer and pregnancy, relative — a liver and renal failure are.

Form of release: ampoules on 1 ml of 5% of oil solution (0,05 g) for injections. Storage in the place protected from light; SI. B.

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