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RESSLE Robert (Rossle Robert, 1876 — 1956) — the German pathologist, professor (1909).


In 1900 ended Munich un-t, worked in in-those pathologies» in Kiel, since 1904 in Munich un-those.

Since 1911 the department chair and professor in-that pathologies in Yenskom un-those, since 1922 in Basel un-those.

In 1929 headed in-t of pathology Berlin un-that. In 1949 organized institute of pathology at hospital of Vinkebakh (Berlin) where worked till 1953.

R. Ressle's idea, the prominent representative of the physiological direction in morphology, exerted impact on development a stalemate. anatomy and wedge, medicine. A number of its researches is devoted to problems of development, growth, aging and death. He considered an inflammation as the physiological reaction like «parenteral digestion» directed to self-cleaning of an organism. One of the first used the doctrine about immunity in a stalemate. anatomy, put forward the concept «pathergy» and developed the general pathology of allergic diseases. Proved the concept of a neurogenic origin of round stomach ulcer and idea of it, as about «the second disease». Distinguished inflammatory diseases of a pechena (hepatitises) and its dystrophic changes (hepatoses) and offered pathogenetic classification of cirrhoses of a liver.

R. Ressle was a full member of the German academy of Sciences and Leopoldina academy in Halle, the winner of the national award GDR; was an honourable doctor of a number of high fur boots, the honorary member German and foreign medical about-in, and also the coeditor of the Virchow's Archiv fur pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und fur klinische Medizin magazine.

Works: Die Bedeutung der Immunitatsreaktio-nen fiir die Ermittelung der systematischen Verwandtschaft der Tiere, Biol. Zbl., Bd 25, S. 394, 1905; tJber die Merkmale der Ent-ziindung im allergischen Organisraus, Verh. dtsch. path. Ges., Bd 17, S. 281, 1914; Wachstum und Altern, Zur Physiologie und Pathologie der postfotalen Entwicklung, Miincben, 1923; Atlas der pathologischen Anatomie, Stuttgart, 1951 (sovm. with Apitz K.).

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