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RESORCIN (Resorcinum; synonym Resorcinolum; GFH) — an antiseptic agent. m-Dioksibenzol; With 6 H 6 O 2  :

Crystal powder, white or white with subtle yellowish shade, with a slight characteristic smell. Under the influence of light and air it is gradually painted in pink color. Let's very easily dissolve in water and 95% alcohol, it is easily ether-soluble, we will dissolve in glycerin and fatty oils, we will dissolve in chloroform very little; t ° pl 109 — 112 °, pier. weight (weight) 110,11.

Is a strong reducer and has antiseptic action (see. Antiseptic agents ). In concentration of 1 — 2% shows keratoplastichesky effect, and in concentration of 5 — 15% has keratolytic effect (see. Keratolytic, keratoplastichesky means ).

Apply outwardly in the form of 2 — 5% of water and spirit solutions and 5 — 10 — 20% of ointments to treatment of skin diseases (psoriasis, scaly deprive, seborrhea, dermatomycoses, a hyperpegmentation, a skin itch); besides, for treatment of conjunctivitis (1% solution and 1 — 2% ointment) and otitises (1-2% solution). Resorcinolformalin mix is used in stomatology; it is a part of liquid for impregnation and sealing of root canals.

The ruble is incompatible with alkalis. It is not recommended to appoint drug together with salts of heavy metals.

At accidental or deliberate (e.g., for the purpose of suicide) R.'s reception inside there are acute poisonings, to-rye are shown by abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea with impurity of blood, dizziness, a hypothermia, an urezheniye of breath, tachycardia, signs of excitement of c. N of page. In hard cases death owing to paralysis of the vital centers of a brain is possible.

Resorcin in the medicolegal relation. Morfol. the symptoms of poisoning of R. revealed at court. - a medical research of a corpse, are not specific. Inflammatory changes of a mucous membrane are noted went. - kish. a path, the fluid lungs which is combined sometimes with focal pneumonia, dot hemorrhages in substance of a brain and under serous covers of internals, fatty dystrophy of parenchymatous bodies. In this regard the conclusion about acute poisoning of R. as to a cause of death is based generally on data about a wedge, displays of poisoning (see above) and results court. - chemical researches. At court. - a chemical research P. extract alcohol (at pH 2,0 — 3,0) from the crushed internals. After evaporation of alcohol, sedimentation of proteins and extractives the rest is dissolved in water. From water solution P. take ether or hloroforkhmy. For qualitative test of R. use staining reactions: with chloride of oxide iron (violet coloring), caustic soda (red or pink coloring) or Sodium nitroprussidum in the presence of muriatic hydroxylamine in alkaline condition (green coloring). Quantitative definition of R. is carried out by a photometric way, however it has only relative value since in R.'s organism quickly is exposed to various transformations.

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