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RESLE Emil (Roesle Emil Eugen, 1875 — 1962) — the German scientist, the specialist in the field of demography and sanitary statistics.


In 1901 E. Resle ended medical f-t in Leipzig. Since 1912 directed department of medical statistics of Public administration of health care; as the representative of Germany took part in work of hygienic section of the League of Nations. In 1933 E. Resle was discharged by fascists of work as politically unreliable. Since 1945 took part in the organization of health service in the territory which afterwards entered GDR.

E. Resle belongs more than 200 scientific works on the main sections of demography and medical statistics. The most important of these works are devoted to questions of the natural movement of the population, studying of causes of death of the population, in particular a problem of child mortality; its researches on the nomenclature and classification of diseases and causes of death were the basis for the first German classification of diseases accepted in 1932 and used at the next reviews of the International classification of diseases. Its works on a research of sanitary and demographic processes in the countries of Europe, Asia and America are widely known. He organized department of statistics at the International hygienic exhibition in Dresden (1911). E. Resle popularized the preventive direction of the Soviet medicine and its achievement.

In 1914 — 1924 — the associate editor of the «Archive of Social Hygiene and Demography» magazine («Archiv fur soziale Hygiene und Demographie»).

Works: Die natiirliche Bewegung der Bevolke-rung in den europaischen Staaten, Z. soz. Med., Bd 4, S. 1, 1908 — 1909; Die Ster-blichkeit im ersten Lebensmonat, ibid., Bd 5, S. 151, 1910; Ergebnisse der Todesur-sachenstatistik im Deutshen Reiche fur das Jabr 1913, B., 1917.

Bibliography: Marcusson E. u. T u t z k e D. Die Bedeutung des Lebens-werkes von Emil Eugen Roesle (1875 — 1962) fiir die Entwicklung der Medizinisclien Sta-tistik in Deutschland, Z. ges. Hyg., Hft 8, S. 649, 1975.

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