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RESECTION (Latin resectio an obrezyvaniye, a srezyvaniye) — operation of removal of a part of body or anatomic education. Unlike amputations (see), R. consists parts of body on its extent at a distance.

Rubles make apropos patol. the changes covering only a part of body (a new growth, inf. process, necrotic changes in fabrics etc.); for correction of the acquired deformations (e.g., an anchylosis of a joint in vicious situation) or for elimination of congenital anomalies (e.g., the excess length of a sigmoid gut); for creation of new hormonal, secretory and anatomic ratios (R. of a thyroid gland at a diffusion thyrocardiac craw, R. of a stomach at an ulcer of a duodenum, etc.).

In some cases R. complete comparison and connection of the kept parts of anatomic education (went. - kish. path, joint ends of bones and so forth). Also substitution of the resected site (a joint, a bone, a blood vessel), auto-, hallo - either heterograft or a prosthesis practices (see. Plastic surgeries ). In nek-ry cases of R. make counting upon the subsequent regeneration of the resected site (subperiostal R. bones).

Apply the terms «economical», «extensive», «subtotal», «segmented» to the characteristic of volume of R., subsegmented». The equipment P. is defined by features of body, on Krom make operation.

S. A. Rusanov.